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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Discovery Place

Hands down, the best hand's on kids' museum I have ever been to is in Charlotte, NC.. The Discovery Place, located downtown, was a happenstance stop for tired bodies (and minds) from hours of traveling in the car. Honestly pictures don't do justice as the experience was a string of constant attractions beginning with a ballet company practicing in an open windowed room, to a rainforest exhibit of live, roaming exotic species, to a tour of frogs, to a funny presentation on friendly food bacteria, to experiments with pond water, to lying on a bed of nails, to an aquarium, to dancing iron powder (from sound waves), to building robotics. The list goes on really and that was all in 2 hours. I would have stayed in Charlotte an extra day just for this museum, we all would have.


  1. What great photos. We are glad you had a good visit and we are honored to be part of your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Logan Stewart
    Manager, Marketing & Public Relations
    Discovery Place

  2. Our pleasure Mr. Stewart :). Now, how do we get a Discovery Place in our town :)?

  3. We are working on growing the Discovery Place network as we speak! We just opened a Discovery Place KIDS in Huntersville, and next up, Rockingham.

  4. That is truly terrific!! Will you be expanding out of state?


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