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Monday, January 24, 2011

Discovering Dali

We had the pleasure of going to St. Petersburg this past weekend with the primary purpose of visiting the brand new Salvador Dali museum. The building itself is called "The Enigma" and I must say, was a beautiful sight to see. With 900 different triangles on the outside, a small scale labyrinth in the backyard, and a gorgeous spiral staircase on the inside, the entire presentation itself was a feast for eyes, even before getting to the gallery on the top floor.

Of course, I couldn't take any pictures in the gallery itself, but I thought the gift shop did a nice job of showing all of Dali's work in prints.

I can't say that I am that much into surrealist paintings, but I was so amazed at how intrigued the kids were in Dali's work.  We have been to many art museums before, but this one was truly interesting to them, perhaps because of all the hidden pictures and meanings in his works of art.  It is a beautiful place, both St. Pete and the museum, and I would recommend them to anyone if you're ever down our way :).


  1. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your photos! There is a slight possibility that we will be moving to the area in the near future, so it's great to know that things like this exist!

  2. Dali is SUCH a good one for kids! I remember being absolutely fascinated when I discovered Dali as a child. So real looking, yet so weird. What a great museum you have near you!

  3. wow, looks an amazing place - what fantastic architecture - I can imagine that Dali would appeal to children, just due to the vivid colours and the, well, surreal aspects!! Sounds like a great day out.

  4. Wow! Wish I was close to St.Petersburg - well, in January I would usually be happy to be anywhere close to Florida!! Looks so cool!

  5. Just thought I'd pop over and invite you to share a link at my silly little blog. I looking for great learning stories for my Saturday School, Show and Tell linky party. Hope you'll be able to join us!


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