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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soap is cool (and a giveaway preview--hint: Brave Girls!!)

Joining Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic for Saturday's Artist :).

What happens when you take suburban city kids and show them how to make soap?  How about "Mom this is sooo coool!!" or "I wonder if rosemary and pink grapefruit go together!" Making soap is so easy, fun, and creative, and you end up with satisfied kids that can use something they made themselves.  I'm not much of tutorial person, but if you want details, please email me and I'll get them too you!

I first hunted for a used crock pot (thrift store--$5!!!) just for the soaps.  I didn't want to use lye, so learned about goat's milk melt and pour instead.  Lavender, a few essential oils, a natural yellow dye, and ground sandalwood as an exfoliate rounded out our ingredients.

We melted the goat's milk base, ground the lavender herb while we waited, let the base cool slightly, then we mixed everything together and poured...

We've made two batches already with what we had, but oh the possibilities! I wonder if they'll want to take more baths now.....doubt it :).


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  1. These are beautiful! And they look like they'll smell amazing. I've always wanted to make my own soap but just haven't found the time yet, but you're inspiring me with this post!

  2. Yum! Rosemary and grapefruit sounds soooo delicious!

    Lye isn't too bad, but it's a long process, and you have to let the soap sit for six weeks and then remelt and add your oils and fragrances and herbs. So that's annoying. You can't just make it like you can melt-and-pour.
    Which explains why I still haven't made it this winter. :D

    But I'll be remembering that rosemary/grapefruit... :)

  3. gorgeous soaps. my kids love making soaps too. i need to get some "not so whimsical" molds. i like the simple bar shapes a lot! ;)

  4. great soap. This something I've yet to try and would love to with my kiddos

  5. I really like this! We've never made any kind of soaps; I bookmarked this one. :)

  6. they look great! i bet they smell delish too :)

  7. My daughter and I made soap last year, but we used the glycerin stuff and I wasn't very impressed. We ended up tossing most of the soap because they made my hands sting.

    I didn't realize one could make it with a goats milk base. I will have to look into that.


  8. Thank you for this post, I've always loved handmade soap and have been too intimidated by the process to ever actually try making some. I'll definitely be giving it a go now! Huh, ..goats milk who knew?!
    And those molds are so sweet too, love em' :)

  9. Love the thought of making soap without lye. Would you post where you purchased the goat milk base? Did you order online or buy locally? The soap you made looks beautiful and I bet it smells fabulous.

  10. I am so glad people are interested in making this soap!! Here is where you can find the goat's milk base: http://wholesalesuppliesplus.com at $6.95 for a 2 lb. tub, and free shipping if total cart is more than $15. One 2 pound tub can make about 8 rectangular soaps. I purchased my molds (3 molds in one tray) for a 2.99 at a local craft store (Michaels). Please feel free to ask anything else you might need!! Enjoy!

  11. The moulds are wonderful, I love the words on the soaps.
    I have also wanted to make soap but the lye aspect has always put me off.
    Now to search for some goat milk melt bases her in the UK!
    Thanks for the fantastic inspiration.

  12. These look amazing! I'm so inspired to try some of my own. Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. So neat!! I love it -- and thank for the tip about goat's milk. :)

  14. That's a great use for an old crock pot....we have one in the shed ...yippee
    and thanks for the supplies link in the comments that was going to be what I asked next!!!

  15. Wow! This IS soooo cool! I've been wanting to make soap for a while. Thanks for mentioning where you got the goat's milk base - that was going to be question. And now I have that excuse to thrift shop I wanted for this weekend - used crock pot!

  16. That 'is so cool'! I've never tried my hand at soap-making, but my mom has. You make this look very easy and simple - good idea about a thrifted crockpot too!


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