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Monday, March 28, 2011

Roller coaster moments

A weekend full of fast parts, slow parts, ups, downs, anticipated turns, and some unexpected... 

* a scary phone call from an ambulance, from my Grandma, who is 90.  All is well and she's home now, thank goodness...
* a visit to the zoo and a birthday party... 
* another house showing, their 2nd, and perhaps our first offer?  Still waiting, still wondering...
* repeated play of a song that helps me to feel more and think less
* lingering in an antique store, full of history, remembering dreams and possibility...

* and big decisions being reconsidered as the weight of what is gained and what is lost begins to sink in...

Living with an open heart sometimes means we feel the turns a little sharper and the falls a little harder.  Because we feel everything and try to live moment by moment, riding in spirals feels rather like riding in circles.  But, make no mistake, they ARE spirals, and the roller coasters will always, eventually, come to a stop. 

And then I can breath again...

Hope your weekend was a tad less heart-thumping than mine...Happy Monday :)...


  1. Oh my...Bless you...that was a weekend full of ups and downs...

    ...hoping you have a lovely week...

  2. Oh - it doesn't sound like your usual sort of sunny weekend. I hope things become clearer and easier and you have a good week.

    I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. The details are over on my blog. x

  3. I love to go antique stores and just browse, taking in the smells and sights: so much fun.
    Hope you get a phone call with an offer for your house. Saying a litte prayer. Have a wonderful week.

  4. so glad your grandma is ok! those phone calls can be so scary.

    and selling a house is such a trial - i hope you get an offer soon, i know it's hard to live in limbo!

  5. MJ, these photos are so beautiful. And your text makes my stomach queasy for you. I feel some roller coaster-ness right now with some discovering and decision-making and planning we are doing here. The words that keep helping me is from Mister Rogers "be brave." So I am being brave...

    Best to you for a good week!

  6. I am glad your grandma is doing well and back home. Man! I also hope you get some time to relax and breathe, and that the week is a bit more level, with more happy times.


  7. Happy Monday and remember one day at a time. : )

    Glad to hear your Grandma is home and well.


  8. Deep healing breaths:)I adore the picture of ( your child?) flaked out on the tortoise- just beautiful. Living with an open heart is the best, and spiral living..boy do I know what that is like. Love and light your way :) Jo x

  9. Best of luck keeping that heart wide open through all of life's uncertain times. Hoping this week is off to a smoother start for you and your family!

  10. This was a lovely post, sometimes I just want to yell, "stop the ride! I need a break!" Exhilarating but exhausting isn't it?

  11. This post just made me want to give you a big hug! So much going on in your family right now, so many new, exciting and terrifying turns on your roller coaster.
    I love that picture of your daughter. We certainly know those moments and the heart swelling of it all!
    Much love to you, MJ!

  12. Sending best wishes and love to your Grandma, goodness me that must have been scary.
    I've been trying to be on the computer less, which has meant less blog reading, and somehow, I missed your original post about Montessori. I hope it all goes well, and I can see how that is a ginormous shift for you. Coincidentally, we are following a similar path - DearBoy is going to school after the Easter break. We've decided homeschooling isn't for us - hubs wasn't comfortable with it, and Dearboy craves being with others his own age beyond the extent that going to HE groups could satisfy. But we have found a great little small, tiny classes, very much child led, progress supported but at their own pace and outstanding sports facilities which is what Dearboy really loves. I'm sad it didn't work out, but positive this is a good move (mostly). Not looking forward to the commute to school and back though, it's going to be a big change. Hope the transition goes well for your family and hope the children do settle and enjoy it, I look forward to sharing this rollercoaster ride with you.

  13. Oh, my. I hope things are running a bit more smoothly in your house this week. I'm curious to hear more about the big decisions, but I'm sure you'll get around to sharing that in time. Hugs!

  14. I love what you say about living with an open heart...very true. That is exciting to have a possible offer coming in on your house!


  15. You won two books on my blog. Drop me a line with your addy and I will mail them. avennett AT verizon DOT net

  16. I hope your week is going much better!

  17. wow! selling your house? ok. where did I miss that one. Where are you moving? what the heck? This is what happens when I lose track of my blogs here and there. (I really do need to start getting your blog into my inbox everyday- without it being "blogger dependent" because it seems then I still have to go somewhere else to read it, right?. Unless it's putting your blog just in another mailbox folder or something.)
    Please let me know where to link to to catch up on the moving thing.
    Glad your grandma is ok.
    All love!!!!


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