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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Splashes of color...

Just for fun, some splashes of color and glimpses from our days...

the science center
Another pastel project from M.

Johnny, my...brother-in-law??
A gift to myself from Cypress Sun Jewelry
A new crochet project, waiting for me...
pink and blue skies...

Hope your day is filled with color and wonder :)!!


  1. I love the gift you gave to yourself,that is a very pretty necklace.

  2. What beautiful colors! Thank you for posting them for all to enjoy :) I'm quite certain you deserve that gift to yourself, too! We mamas need to do things like that more often.

  3. Beautiful photos! Love M's artwork. It's so nice to have your blog to read MJ. You guys are truly enjoying every minute of every day.. Loving it.

  4. Beautiful colours. Gorgeous cat. Great gift for you! x

  5. Pretty colours! I love your kitty's blue blue eyes...

    ...Scout used to love to play in those big expandable balls...

  6. Love all this colour! The pastel pic is my favourite but that necklace is gorgeous, too! What's the plan for that gorgeous yarn? - You have a quite a stash yourself!

  7. Oh my! The colour of the cat's eyes! I can't wait to see what the yarn is going to be turned into. I think crochet is back for me this week. I saw a call for granny squares for Japan & can't think of a greater reason to conquer the crochet.

  8. Oh, pretty necklace. Lovely splashes of colour! Can't wait to see what you are going to crochet. Jacinta

  9. Oh, what lovely photos, love the color!

  10. so much wonderful colour!

    My girl would love that science centre thingy.
    Amy's necklace is beautiful.
    The yarn looks so welcoming, sigh.


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