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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Distracted and delayed...

I am so delayed today!!  I was working on a totally different post but cannot seem to get it together with so many distractions happening at once!! Know the feeling at all?  And in case you're wondering why I have a picture of cheerios it's because our whole family size box fell from the pantry and spilled, leaving me this cheerio carpet on my floor!!! 

Another distraction, we brought home a stray yesterday found by my hubs' co-worker. He was trying to cross a busy 3 lane road and would certainly have been squashed if it weren't for her!!  She actually had to stop traffic to get this beautiful Yorkie off the road.  I have called animal services twice and no one has yet to report him missing.  I am assuming he was just dropped off somewhere.  Why?  Why do people do this to their animals?  It hurts to think that people can be so desperate and cruel.  This cute little guy is so sweet, but not going to be a good fit for the family, unfortunately, so we hope to find him a good home today.

So please forgive my delays and distractions.  I will be back on track tomorrow with Yarn Along!!

Have a beautiful day and please give your pets an extra squeeze for me :). 


  1. I really do know how you feel. Hope you feel in control of things soon - especially the Cheerios' packet.

    Hope the little guy finds a home soon. He is to cute to have been abandoned. Meanies! x

  2. Ok, if I hope on I-95 south I can meet you half way to pick up that little guy. I had a Yorkie for years and have a soft spot in my heart for them. I have had days like you described and I do hope you can get your groove flowing. Have a happy day MJ.

  3. What a sweet little guy! People bewilder me... So glad he was rescued!

    No need to apologize for delays and distractions - I know all about those. You share so much with us here, MJ, I appreciate this peaceful and beautiful place of yours very much!

  4. Oh my, that is a lot of distraction but very cute. Thanks for hosting the puppers for a bit. I was about to say that is a lot of Cheerios! No worries, and thanks for connecting despite it all and I look forward to seeing you for yarn along! I hope things smooth over soon!

  5. What a lovely distraction, the dog, not the cheerios! Hope he finds a new home soon. Jacinta

  6. Spills! I am a klutz perfected; I can imagine exactly the dismay as the cereal went everywhere!

    And as for that pup...well, I just wonder about some people, but those who do this, I just don't know. He is a cutey, and I'm sure he'll find a forever home soon. Thank you for taking the effort to do that for him. Not everyone would.

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  7. Such a cute little Yorkie! It was so kind of you to take him in, even if just temporarily. We also found our little cat on the side of the highway, and I still haven't figured out how someone just leaves their pet like that. The world is crazy sometimes.

  8. We had a stray arrive in our garden too a few weeks ago- also a Yorkie!! Ours looks very like yours... and very like the OTHER little Yorkie we rehomed here 2 years ago... they are such gorgeous little dogs!

  9. Sometimes distractions happen right when you need them... even if you didn't know you needed them. Hugged Katie extra long for you!


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