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Friday, April 22, 2011

This moment ~ Adapt

In joining Amanda for another memorable moment of the week, I also want to take time to honor our beautiful blue planet.  Our entire existence, as well as the other animals that still exist on this planet, has continued based on the ability to adapt and evolve.

On Earth Day, this is what I want to remember the most.  That more than any other creature, we are the ones that need to do a better job of adapting.

In this effort to be more responsible to our planet and in attempt to adapt to its ever changing needs, we have made some incredible changes to Right Brain Terrain. We are now offering free content and designs, no more shipping, no more paying, no more wasting.  All new content and designs, from this day forward are now yours, for free. 

Happy Earth Day everyone, and have a beautiful, peaceful weekend :).


  1. Beautiful pictures MJ and Happy Earth Day to you. And to answer your question: yes, I just shoot and then when I look at the card on the computer I am always surprised.

  2. wow another amazing nature shot! Happy earth day MJ! I have got to get a better camera:)

  3. A really beautiful picture. I hadn't heard of Earth Day until this morning when I saw it on Google - it's a great idea to pause and think about our beautiful planet. x

  4. I am so in love with your camera.. And your ability to get great shots. Happy ED! Love the Adapt poster. Awesome Awesomeness..

  5. Great photo!

    Here is our moment:

    What a generous change with Right Brain Terrain...love the ADAPT picture above!

  6. Such a beautiful moment and so fitting for today!


    I will check out RightBrain again to see the changes; your hubby is a talented guy!

  7. Lovely picture. I love butterflies, and that one looks as if it has hearts on the wings.

  8. what an amazing photo! Just stunning!
    Happy Earth Day to you too :-)
    and have a great weekend

  9. what a gorgeous photo! so perfect for today mj!

  10. This is so beautiful, MJ! Great shot.
    Happy Earth Day to you as well! I love the adapt picture!

  11. was wandering around your husbands site...very cool! I love how he says he's married to a real life angel. And your photo of the week is lovely too.
    : )

  12. Beautiful! Happy Earth Day to you too!

  13. This shot is brilliant MJ. We were at the botanical gardens last week and I had hoped to get some pics like this to share, only Birdy Kate kept me too busy running after to do so. I love this!

  14. This shot and the others from the butterfly rainforest are gorgeous!
    Just took a trip to your husband's site. Amazing content and really excellent and generous plan to share it. Happy Earth Day to you all!

  15. Breathtaking picture! Here's mine. Happy Earth Day!


  16. A beautiful image and lovely sentiment for Earth Day. xx

  17. I've never seen these AMPs before.I love it! and the images are fantastically creative...I can't believe they're free! Thanks!

    Here's our moment http://lacafetiere.blogspot.com/2011/04/this-moment_22.html

  18. What a gorgeous shot, and an important message about adapting - thanks for that reminder <3

    I don't know why I had never looked at your hubby's site before, but I'm glad I did. Such amazing work! What an inspiring family you are.

  19. Happy Earth Day!
    Love your words about adapting.
    I enjoyed all the pictures in the previous post too. It was bug day at my son's school so he loved peaking over my shoulder.


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