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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pockets and moments

 Joy Pockets and This Moment, beautiful ways to remember the sweetness of our days...

The birth of baby tomatoes

the smell of fresh espresso

"Mama, you'll always be my butter bean."

dance that moves me to tears

new soul work begun

 little things that creatively expand

a sweet note found on his phone

joy pockets

I hope your weekend is full of brightness and beauty,
Happy Father's Day to the Papas

much love
xx oo


  1. Wow -- tomatoes already! What wonderful joys you have posted this morning, it is a perfect way to start out my day!

    Have a great weekend MJ!

  2. You know MJ, I don't think I've ever seen baby tomatoes before! They look so gorgeous...

    And that would've been the sweetest thing to see on your husband's phone...

    Ronnie xo

  3. Thank you for the reminder to find joy in the little things. I would positively swoon if I saw that message on my husband's phone!

  4. I am loving tomatoes here!
    Yes, we received a shower Wednesday night, but with temps near 100 I'm not sure it did a whole lot. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be a hurricane that gets us out of the drought!
    Have a beautiful weekend MJ and keep cool.

  5. Beautiful photo, I love the sight of 'baby' food in the garden! And the phone message - wow!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I like your combination of these two rituals :) Your husband's note is so very sweet, and "butter bean" - it doesn't get much better! I hope you have a lovely weekend and a great time celebrating that sweet man of yours!

  7. Homegrown tomatoes, yum and how good is the smell of good coffee! I love the endearment 'butter bean'. My hubby leaves messages on my phone, for things I need to do! Have a beautiful weekend MJ. Jacinta

  8. Oh yay for new tomatoes! Ours are still so little.

  9. SYTYCD has brought me to tears a few times. That is a lovely example of why! Just beautiful!

  10. I can only dream of growing tomatoes like that here in Norway. Apparently, no matter how much sunshine you have, if the temps don't get above 70s, your tomatoes plants will never grow higher than an inch tall. Sigh...
    p.s. what a good husband ;) Happy weekend! http://transplantedbaker.typepad.com/the_transplanted_baker/2011/06/this-moment-setting-sail-from-the-living-room.html

  11. Love that tomato photo! What an amazing moment in time!
    And as for the phone...awww!!
    have a great weekend MJ


  12. What a beautiful tomato, already! Ours are just now getting blooms on them. Can't wait to do some canning :)


  13. beautiful tomatoes and I like that you're kicking up {this moment} a notch!

    thanx for the much needed inspiration...i'm in blogging rut!

    our moment:


    have a great weekend, MJ!

  14. Oh my, tomatoes! There is hardly anything better than homegrown tomatoes, eaten warm from the sun.

    That soul work looks interesting; can't wait to hear more about your experience through the 6 weeks!


  15. What a beautiful photo!
    So fresh and summery. And your joy pockets bring a smile to my face .
    Wonderful weekend MJ :)

  16. all beautiful moments...well worth remembering....and what a beautiful shot of coming tomatoes, nothing better than summer tomatoes.

    thanks for your kind words this a.m. and have a great weekend!

  17. Wonderful. Baby tomatoes are my favorite thing of the season!

  18. Love the moments and pockets. I very much like the 5 minute creativity and that note is awesome-what a joyful find!! Have a great weekend!

  19. Oh my goodness! the message on that phone. :)

    Those tomatoes are pretty sweet too.

  20. yay for tomatoes! and the note on your mr.'s phone - love it to bits.

  21. The message on the phone just made my day... I can only imagine how you felt when seeing it!

  22. I love the joy pockets! Great post! I love your links, they always are worth the time!
    Have a great weekend friend!!!

  23. Lovely post.

    Here's our moment http://www.craftsfromthecwtch.co.uk/2011/06/this-moment-170611-30-day-photo-14.html

    Have a great weekend xxxx

  24. That phone note? Makes technology all worth it!

  25. Lovely, MJ! Those tomatoes are going to be delicious - and that note on your hubby's phone is just perfect.

  26. Great post!! Tomoatoes!! Yummy!!

    Here's mine


    Happy Friday!!

  27. wish i could see the video! (bandwidth)

    "Mama, you'll always be my butter bean."
    priceless. lol

    you actually doing that soul course?

  28. My husband loves fried green tomatoes! He would love this photo, and make him salivate as ours are not ready yet:)


  29. So much beauty here as always. Soul work sounds so inviting right now. I think that one day soon, I shall be able to begin it, too. It's a bright day here, today. Have a lovely weekend!

  30. Oh, sweet baby tomato I love you. I'm waiting for our little ones to show themselves on the vine -- still a ways to go in this climate.
    Great index card idea.

  31. Found you through Joy Pockets.
    Wonderful links. Truly very joyful moments in your life.
    Thank you for sharing all of it. I am inspired.
    Have a joyful weekend.
    Love from Eva

  32. oh such a beautiful idea! i just came across your blog and have had such a lovely few hours reading away...and lo and behold you have introduced me to another wonderful blog via this post!!


  33. I'm really lovin' this "Joy Pockets" thread. I've just stumbled upon it. :)

  34. Hey- joy pockets is awesome! I'll have to dig further- We harvested all our 'maters already - I had a plate full of bright and shiny red ones on a bright blue plate for my picture- and i just loved it! Isn't it funny how the small things really do bring us the most joy? My six yr old walked in while I was reading your beautiful post and asked "mama - do you know how much I love you?" - perfect timing! so glad you've got a thoughtful/ sweet husband! I am blessed in that department as well and sooooooo very thankful!
    Where are you growing the tomatoes? Our plants withered from the heat (after a good season) I was thinking I might try putting some in a big kids wagon so I can wheel it back and forth out of the heat/direct sun. What do you suggest? We're on the Southwest coast - RIGHT on the coast- hot hot hot! :)

  35. sorry about the long novel...... you're just so dang entertaining! :)

  36. Aw, sweet phone message indeed! Gorgeous picture. Our tomato plants are still too small. I feel like we're never going to get tomatoes.


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