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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pockets and Moments

Joy Pockets and This Moment, beautiful ways to remember the sweetness of our days...

Powerful little postures

The smell of vintage books

E.'s homemade animation:

Rain curtains in the distance

Inspiration on how to see

Then seeing...

May your weekend bring you joy

much love
xx oo
ICAD #11, more here


  1. Sounds like a good week :)
    I love the smell of books too.

  2. Oh MJ, these are all so beautiful, each picture more inspiring than the next! That animation is fantastic, so good with layers of funny too!

    Sounds like you've had a week full of so much joy -- I am wishing you the same for the weekend!


  3. The smell of vintage books... too true!
    Happy weekend MJ!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Gorgeous photo of M. My battery is almost dead, so will watch the animation later. I'm sure it's great. Happy weekend to you all MJ. Jacinta

  5. so beautiful! and the minute my lewis wakes up i'm going to show him the animation, he'll LOVE it and I fear begin a new project!

    i make my literacy students 'smell' their books, old and new, and then they think i'm so weird. But i'm not! thanx!

    here we are: http://www.durangomom.com/

    have a great one!

  6. I am not sure thare is a better smell than vintage books.
    Rain here too...hooray!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Such a beautiful photo of M, and E's animation is amazing! It looks like it has been another rich week in your household. I hope it was all of that and then some.

  8. Did your SON do that animation? WOW! Get that entered in some contest! Incredible!
    Good weekend to you friend. Love these fun Friday posts of yours!

  9. That little movie was AWESOME!!!! E is so talented. And miss M is beautiful. Gosh, she's got a gorgeous head of hair!

  10. love the water shot!!! and the index card - love seeing these. what do you plan to do with them all?

    enjoy your weekend!

  11. Great pictures! I love the smell of boosk too :)

  12. Magical as always MJ. I love the picture of the man resting on the piano, and I love your latest ICAD. X

  13. I love that first picture. You must tell me sometime how you do this!! And your index card is fab!!!

    Here's mine

    Happy Friday!!

  14. I have done it again and made a copy paste error!!! Sorry :(


  15. That posture is awesome! I adore those postcards and your "seeing" photo. Have an awesome weekend!

  16. Beautiful photos!!! I have to agree....I adore the smell of old books!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  17. Another vote for the smell of old books :-)

    Lovely summary of a wonderful sounding week! And your index card is great x

  18. "Powerful little postures"
    love the phrasing and the idea.
    beautiful shots those first two.

  19. MJ...just took a look at your ICAD page too!!! Awesome creative juices my girl!! They are wonderful. I'm thinking about getting a small photo album to keep all of mine. It's so much to look back and see where you were on a given day. Look forward to seeing more!! :)

  20. your index cards are fun...and love your photos!

  21. Beautiful ways of seeing your world and the joy in it.
    The animation is just amazing and so creative. I am also loving your index card for today.

  22. inspirational joy pockets- thank you : )

  23. Beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing:)


  24. I love the smell and feel of new books...beautiful images.

  25. Beautiful photos. MJ!
    I can't get enough of the smell of old books. There's something so homey about it.

  26. Each picture here felt like turning a page in a book - there was so much *there.* I might have to adopt the index card a day routine. What a great compliment to a full, lovely week.

  27. Can't see the movie on my iPod but loving your photos. Very pretty icad!


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~ George Bernard Shaw