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Friday, July 22, 2011

Pocketful of Moments

It's Friday! And so happy it's Joy Pockets with Monica

a wonderful play at the Shakespeare theatre

the anticipation of the tooth fairy's visit

bending to "yes" so they can see the movie before the book

sharing popcorn, along with excitement and thrill

the villain without his mask

their first ropes course 

the challenge, the will, and the glow of their success

the groove of Sasha and Twitch

and this week's moment with Amanda

a new haircut (and here's to overcoming the fear of taking my own photo,
then sharing it with you!)  

What were your pockets this week?
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!
xx oo


  1. Fun, exciting and ooooh la la mama!

    Here is my moment. A favorite from this summer. http://www.mental-chew.com/2011/07/this-moment-silouette.htm

  2. sounds like and AWESOME week, and may I just say that hair cut is truly fetching on you!!!! I love it!

  3. The ropes course looks like oh-so-much fun! I have a fear of my own photo as well!

    Here's our moment:


  4. I adore your hair cut! I made an appointment yesterday to have mine cut in August...if I don't chicken out! I hope your weekend is full and cool!
    PS- The horse my wee one is on belongs to my future daugher in-law. His name is Calibur and he loves the wee one and is so gentle with her.

  5. What a treat to see a photo of you! I love that you still maintain a bit of mystery ;) The haircut is lovely.

    That ropes course looks incredible! There always seems to be so much adventure in your weeks!

    Just after I posted my link on Amanda's moment, I remembered, "Ah, I wanted to do pockets, too!!" Next week, I suppose! One of my joy pockets was most definitely reading your guest post on Becoming Claudine, however. Thanks for enriching my week! xoxo

  6. Great photos MJ, and lovely to see you! I've been trying hard as well to overcome that fear and "expose" myself a bit more:) Have a great weekend.

  7. I. LOVE. YOUR. HAIR! Great cut... sounds like a wonderful week to me!

  8. Oh Ralph...swoon! Oh MJ...swoon! Awesome haircut. And an awesome weekend to you and your family!

  9. Those ropes look fun! And I love your haircut, it's very cute. I need a new style too, but I can't decide what. I love your bangs. I always love bangs on other people but when I cut mine...I always regret it. :)

  10. i love rope courses and imagine they had a blast! loved seeing you *waves hi* and your beautiful face :)

  11. you're BEAUTIFUL!
    loving the joy pockets as well. thinking I might have to join in sometime soon here....

  12. Love your hair cut! You look fabulous!

    And the joy pockets are wonderful -- the ropes course would scare me!

  13. The ropes photo...totally cool! And the new haircut looks fab!! Here's mine


    Happy Friday!!

  14. Totally scared by the rope course! Such a scaredy cat lol.

    Love your hair! Fab!

  15. you look gorgeous- pretty hair :) the rope course looks like a lot of fun- lana + i hope to do some zip lining this summer but i'd like to give a rope course a whirl. hope you have a lovely weekend!

  16. Great cut! I love it. Have a lovely weekend MJ!

  17. What a lovely list, MJ. That ropes course looks fantastic—I love all the green behind. I swear, in my mind, you live in the most magical place in existence. (And did you know that when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to live in Florida, because of a book I read? One day, I WILL visit).

    But the thing that is most stunning to me here, is you. What a beautiful, vulnerable moment you shared with us. You up close. You. Breathtaking.

  18. What a fabulous photo of you with a great haircut! I used to go to school in Stratford Upon Avon but didn`t appreciate the theatre as much as I would now...and the ropes course looks scary but fun. I would certainly need to overcome some fears to do that one! Great joy pockets...have a lovely weekend.

  19. Thank you for the sweet comments!

  20. Oh, man, do I have a crush on Ralph Fiennes (had to repin that one!)

    The choreography on SYTYCD makes my heart go pitter patter - beautiful routine.

    And you - what a beautiful woman!!!

  21. The ropes course looks like so much fun. MJ, your hair looks divine and you are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photo. Have a beautiful weekend. Jacinta x

  22. i crush on Mr Fiennes!
    good things plays, and popcorn sharing with the thrills.

    YAY a photo of you!!!! i'm really not bothered about seeing a blogger's photo. i once i get to know them, it feels strange not to see them once in a while.
    your hair looks fab.

  23. the hair looks great - you are one hot mama!
    i love all your joyful moments. glad you're out there enjoying shakespeare - he is one of my faves, too. have a great weekend!

  24. A lovely style! All whispy and flowy! :)

    And now I have a hankering for Shakespeare and mosaics!

    And the rope course looks super fun.

  25. Wow, MJ! You look great!! I love your pockets this week! I love Twitch and Sasha's routine. AMAZING! and the ropes course looks awesome. The anticipation of the tooth fairy is great. I'm looking forward to that but not the teeth falling out part. It kind of creeps me out. Good thing I still have a few years before that starts to happen. :) Have an excellent weekend!!

  26. That photo of you is brilliant though your forehead is a bit high and I wonder how you achieved that tiled effect?

    Ok, ok, ok, I'm joking, hope you don't mind ;-) Seriously, I really like your picture and your hair cut. You look gorgeous xo

  27. Beautiful, MJ! You (and the new hair cut) are stunning. Thanks for sharing yourself (in so many ways) - you're challenging me to do more of that.
    Enjoy a most beautiful weekend!

  28. I love the haircut MJ. And watching the movie before the book might not be such a bad idea - they might actually enjoy reading the book(s) more!
    Ronnie xo
    (My pockets: http://pinkronnie.com/2011/07/this-week/)

  29. You are beautiful! I love that hair and your pockets full of joy! Thanks MJ!

  30. Your hair looks fabulous!
    Great haircut :)

  31. you are soooo pretty! i love your joy pockets - you have a lot of joy in your life right now. : ) must be contributing to your beauty too.

  32. Just as beautiful on the outside as the inside. I knew that though. : ) And sweetie, I doubted it before but now it's official, there is no way you are 40!


  33. Great photo of you! Your hair looks gorgeous!


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