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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pocketful of Moments

Joining Monica again for Joy Pockets

the smell of morning after rain

the achy goodness of muscles re-awakened

nerf wars with the boy

impromptu talent shows from the girl

the feel of thin soft cotton on the skin

losing myself in Coldplay's new song

the Sketchbook project tour here... today

Melanie, my favorite

the arrival of the bluebirds

and This Moment with Amanda

the Japanese cucumber plant

I had several pockets and moments this week to help me remember how fortunate I truly am, including the moments from all of you. Many of your comments this week blew...me...away. I am so grateful for the community I found in you, the friendships, the kindness...so many many thank yous.

Happy weekend and much love to all of you

xxx ooo

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  1. The details you captured on that plant are amazing!! So glad you had a week full of gratitude!

    My moment is sharing a treat with my sisters and Mom.

  2. Your joy pockets are an amazing reminder of how lucky we all are. I am love love loving your photographs-simply gorgeous. I like how you say your muscles are reawakened. :)
    This online community is a gift. I certainly see you that way. Have a beautiful weekend friend!

  3. Tendrils!!! You have hit my weak spot, but you know that. ;)

    What a beautifully artful series of pics. I love what your eye captures. Happy weekend!!!


  4. these blue birds are becoming my joy pocket today ; )

  5. simple joys that give so much pleasure!

  6. a special thank you for the coldplay link. isn't it amazing how music can fill us!

    hope your weekend is lovely, mj!


  7. MJ, I am drooling over your cotton pic...it's beautiful! Have fun this weekend with the kido's and stay cool..the heat wave is back! xx

  8. love this list. and the photo of the pool toy in morning - great. have a great weekend!

  9. Such lovely joy pockets as always..the smell of morning after rain, that great feeling of achy muscles, tendrils and those bluebirds. Have a wonderful weekend MJ.

  10. Sometimes I can't decide on just one moment either. Love the bluebirds and the artwork.

  11. Beautiful photos! They are all excellent. The detail is so crisp and the colors are vibrant! Great for moments :)


  12. Such nice moments that you're sharing! I love the water droplets and the light in that first photo especially.

  13. You are wonderful, MJ. I love your pockets and your photos are gorgeous. The smell of morning after rain and the feel of soft cotton is pure LOVE!Melanie is my favorite, too and has been since the beginning (since auditions) She's amazing. And Neil isn't so bad to look at himself, if you know what I mean. ;) I love Coldplay! I saw them in Vegas a couple years back and they are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing youself with us. <3

  14. Ahhh the smell in the air after rain during a hot day... Thanks for your comment too

  15. Love that embroidery :)
    The cucumber plant is beautifully captured and the bluebirds are gorgeous.
    Lovely moments all!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  16. Love all of the photos. Each one has a unique character to it. Thanks for sharing!


  17. nice photos! thanks for the link to the new coldplay song! i love coldplay. i tried commenting on your post yesterday but blogger was wonky for me. just wanted to say high five to little M for being the strong little girl that she is. it is great that you allow her to be. i have so much of that cower to authority built in me, i'm still working it out. i may have reacted differently and regretted it later.

  18. i love those adorable blue birds :) have a great weekend.

  19. oh, the fuzziness of the cucumber plant. and the water on the pool floaties -- awesome. have a great weekend.

  20. im SO not a physical person, but even i love that feeling of re-awakened muscles after a long hard walk or similar.

    ok, what the heck are those blue things?!
    gourds? lol
    what gorgeous embroidery on that top.

    have a wonderful weekend friend!

  21. The bluebirds! I love them! You made my day with them...

  22. Adoring the things you are savoring today! Have a fantastic weekend!

  23. The bluebirds are amazing and also the photograph of the plant.

    I loved that you lost yourself in Coldplay's new song!

    I love coldplay.

    Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by at Raindrops and Daisies. I appreciate it.

  24. Love those blue birds. Love it all...such stunning photographs MJ. Happy Weekend.

  25. what beautuful inspiring pocketd you have! Its good to feel achey sometimes, I love the tiredness I feel after dancing, its the best kind of tiredness for me! The bluebirds look fab, as does your lovely embriodered top! Thanks for your comment over at my blog, its good to meet you (so to speak!) peace, Lisa x

  26. those are the sweetest bluebirds ever + i love the juxtoposition of the delicacy + sturdiness of the cucumber vine in your photo...your joy pockets always bubble with a quiet beauty about them! can't wait until the sketchbook tour comes my way too :) have a wonderful weekend mj!! :)

  27. A big yes to soft cotton on the skin. I am so sensitive that I cannot stand anything scratchy or rough on my skin. I love that you share the impressions of your week through your senses.
    Happy weekend.

  28. Your photos make for such a deep sensory experience. I can almost make your joy pockets my own! It sounds like you had a week full of simple joys - may the weekend be just as rich. xoxo

  29. Hello Lovie, thanks for another wonderful Friday post.
    Big hugs,

  30. What wonderful pockets of moments!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I loved poking around your blog, esp. loved the Free post.

  31. Bluebirds bring so much joy! May your joy continue :)

  32. Delightful joy moments ~ so glad you have them ~ ^_^ Carol ~ New to Joy Pockets ~ Hope to see you at my blog ~


  33. Ooo the smell of morning after rain. :D I love that.

    Thanks for sharing your joys, they made me smile, especially the nerf wars.

  34. What wonderful pockets MJ! Love the embroidery on that top and that first pic is just beautiful! My post was so hastily thrown together this week I hardly had time to look for an image.

  35. Wow, those photos just kept getting better and better. I am all about the smell of rain. It always feel to refreshing and uplifting.
    Have a joyful weekend!

  36. Those bluebirds are gorgeous. Happy weekend. Jacinta

  37. just found you via Monica. sounds like you had a great week. hopefully the next one will be great again. happy Sunday :)

  38. Thank you for your visit and comment on my joyful pockets post.

    You have a wonderful blog with beautiful imagery and thought-provoking posts.

    I love the smell of rain and waking up to a morning after it is a treat.

    That is such a pretty blouse. I've been hunting high and low for one of those but haven't found the perfect one yet.

    I have a sketchbook in that sketchbook project:) Did you enter one for 2011 or 2012?

  39. Ooohh .... just got your follow-up comment:)
    Thank you for having a look at my sketchbook online.
    How exciting for your Mother to get back to her brushes. I'm thinking of doing a collage project with my Mom.

    Have a wonderful week!

  40. Lovely Lovely Lovely, MJ.

    Loved every pocket. I looked at and listened to the Coldplay song. Oh. Me Too!

    Love the energy, all-the-way-through of this post. (Actually, of every single one of your posts). I am so lucky, so glad to know you!


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