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Friday, August 19, 2011

Pocketful of Moments: 8.19.11

We are in South Beach Miami for a few days, a mini getaway with Nana and Papy. And what would you think, was the first thing that put me in awe when we arrived? The Bentley or Rolls Royce parked in front of the art deco hotels? The beautiful men and women rollerblading on the sidewalks ? The Versace mansion? The drag show dancer performing as we walked on by? 

While all of this was most definitely interesting, for me, it was the palm trees. Yes, there are palm trees everywhere in FL, but in South Beach, even the trees have their own unique style. Long, gangly, and majestic. They line the streets, sidewalks, and fill the parks, masses of them.  I 'd like to pull up a chair and just sit among these beauties and listen. Oh, the sweet stories I bet these trees could tell :). 

Joining Monica with Joy Pockets , such a lovely part of the week...

a little girl doing big things

the flowers on her toes

"Mama, I just thought you should know I got married."
"You did? To who?"
"Draco Malfoy."
(oh the foreshadowing)

the sweet love between a grandchild and a grandparent

snuggles in big hotel beds and reading Treasure Island

slip-on sundresses with slip-on summer sandals

watching this man perform last night (and yes, he really does look like Antonio Banderas)

the smell, the colors, the lure of the ocean 

and This Moment with Amanda

our view

much love
 and a great summer weekend to you
xx oo


  1. What a stunning place! I love the nail polish and the flowers.
    Have a wonderful time :)

  2. I don't live far from South Beach - just the next county north. I love trees, but it's our live oak that I like best, not the palm trees. Shade has something to do with that. :) But there's a palm tree in my moment.

    We unschooled, too, though my kids are adults now. Time for the next generation to unschool now.

    Stopping in from SouleMama. My moment is here: http://carolburris.com/outdoors/just-a-moment-29/

  3. Miami!? what fun.

    Draco Malfoy is the bad dude in HP, yes? oh dear... LOL

    wow, reading Treasure Island? That takes me waaaay back. is this a first or re-read?

  4. oh my. have a wonderful time and hug one of those palm trees for me! in L.A. we were in awe of the palms because they are SO TALL! 10 stories or more! just huge and we loved them!

    love the pedi-shot and inspires me to take della ...we've never done that!

    have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  5. Oh MJ have fun in Miami, it is one of my favorite cities. Sundresses and sandles? The
    clothing of the south! xx

  6. looks like you will have a very memorable trip! michael and i are off to get museum passes from the library - we'd love to meet you all at the children's museum this weekend. yippee!

  7. draco malfoy :) that gave me a giggle!

    the lure of the ocean + palm trees~ i can completely understand + relate...makes me miss my california home!

    hope you + your family have a fun + restful time in miami mj! {have some cuban food for me too! ;) }

  8. She chose Draco?!?! Oh, boy - are you in trouble when she gets older!! lol

    I miss the palm trees of Florida, and the smell of the ocean. I lived in Melbourne Beach for almost 2 years - such paradise! Enjoy South Beach - looks beautiful. :)

  9. I've never been to Miami, but I know you have captured its beauty perfectly.

  10. Mon-I'm reading aloud Treasure island to the kids:). It's their first!

    Anushka- looking fwd to meeting you!

  11. That looks so peaceful. I secretly want to marry a wizard too... just not sure I would pick a follower of the Dark Lord! haha! What a great imagination!

  12. ohhhh. love that first pic! love the one of your girl on the stairmaster too. made me giggle.
    can I come next time with you? I think we would have a really good time together.

  13. Flashbacks! That palm tree grove could be in the middle of Waikiki! South Beach sounds awesome! I really want to check it out sometime. Joe tells me that you might think you look good...but when you go to south beach you feel like a country hick! hahahaha (probably not YOU, MJ. Just us.) Enjoy your getaway weekend!

  14. Oh how delightful! I think this August Break is working for you quite nicely. : )

  15. Gorgeous joy pockets - I love the ocean too and live day in day out with palm trees, which I love. I also love seeing my son with my mother - it`s wonderful to observe their relationship. I adore that photo of the palm tree - the textures and the colors are beautiful. Have a great summer weekend MJ.

  16. Very nice! There's something about palm trees that just makes people relax. And how cute is that pic of your daughter's pedicure?!

  17. What beautiful moments and joys, they put a smile on my face too x

  18. Those pictures of the palm trees are beautiful and boy what fun to be on a little getaway!

    Enjoy MJ!

  19. Love the pedi. Draco?! Oh dear. We always love the bad boy when we are young now don't we?

  20. I love this, MJ. Loved the mental image of you sitting with those palm trees, hearing their stories. I'm so happy you're having a beautiful mini-getaway!

    Though I haven't commented since Monday (unheard of! What wrongness!) please know that I read and loved every single word and image you posted this week (the Mary Oliver poem was just so beautiful). You were my rest stop this week, my breath of fresh air, my fine, good path to wander. Always I felt (and feel) better for coming by. Thank you, so much.

    And by the way: The poetry book you wanted to know the name of on Suzy's blog? It's the Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Poetry. It's scrumptious. :)

  21. Love these pockets of joy you've shared.

  22. Your photo of the palm tree is amazing! It sounds like you had an amazing week too, such lovely moments. And Draco Malfoy- how cute!

  23. we went to dinner last night and I said I love my sundresses and sandals.have a great weekend.

  24. Draco- oh dear lord lol!!!

    Love that first pic. I opened up your page and just went WOW!

    Would love to go see Miami sometime... have fun!

  25. What a beautiful destination MJ. Hope you have all had a lovely time away. Ah M, marrying Draco Malfoy, that is so cute! Those painted toes are darling too. Jacinta

  26. Not that it's uncommon in this space, but I grinned all the way through this post. Please give M my congratulations and enjoy the rest of your getaway with those majestic trees. That first shot belongs in a frame, a magazine, or both!

  27. So fun! Those trees are amazing. I know exactly what you mean about their own special style.
    Oh the foreshadowing indeed! Your sweet girl and mine are on the same exact track!! :0


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