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Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't covet cars that much, until I run across something like this. A 1967 Honda roadster. I would love one, even for just a day. I would drive it along a winding, tree-lined road, in the mountains, during the peak of fall :)...

Oh yes, I would...:)

xx oo


  1. Oh my! That is a cute car. Would you drive it with a snazzy scarf tied over your hair? And perhaps some soft leather driving gloves?

  2. sweet! i am not into cars at all until i go to my cities big vintage show every year and wowwee! they have such beautiful cars.....

  3. My husband loves Roadster's and would love to have one. I told him once all the children were grown, but now that is fast approaching! Uh, oh! xx

  4. this looks cool! ( otherwise i have no idea about cars whatsoever...)

  5. I know nothing about cars!! Make, model, year ... I haven't a clue.

    But I do love the look of the vintage classics. If cars could possess romance, they have it!

  6. gorgeous! my fave is a mustang convertible, 1964-5. :)

  7. And I think I would just have to stick out my thumb and try to hitch a ride. Gasp! Oh, yes I would!!


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