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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Pocketful of Moments 9.2.11

This week has been interesting to say the least. For nearly 2 months, our house has had absolutely no showings. This week? Three in a row! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which meant spending a couple days deep cleaning and staging. My hopes that this house might sell (this year) has been restored!! JOY!! Will you keep your fingers crossed for us?! Please!

Joining lovely Monica for more Joy Pockets this week...

Daddy's ways of making us laugh

a son who offered to sweep out the garage, clean the rat cage, AND dust :)!

a daughter who mercifully resisted being a tornado for a few days

 a "Best British accent" contest with the kids (they  won)

music that hits me square in the chest

beginning three new books this week

a determined bulldog and his pool

water balloon fights with friends,
then playing in the rain

and This Moment with Amanda

Have a marvelous weekend friends!!

xx oo

p.s. I'm a little behind in reading many of your posts lately,
please forgive me and I'll do my best to catch up this weekend!!


  1. Lots and lots of luck for you and the house!

  2. My fingers are crossed that a offer comes in soon and then you can be off to follow your dreams. Having an accent contest sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy the long weekend . xx
    PS- are you in the path of the newest storm? If so, be safe.

  3. My fingers, toes, arms, legs are all crossed!! Sending lots of positive juju your way.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to "To Build a Home" - absolutely amazing!

    I love that first photo - magical moment.

    Happy weekend!!

  4. Fingers crossed for you! I love the idea of your British accent competition. One of my besties is British and I still smile at the way she pronounces some words - oh so cute. Have a fabulous weekend with your lovely ones. Jacinta

  5. Hoping, wishing, praying that your house will sell! Sounds like a lovely week.... your family is so awesome!

  6. Both my fingers and toes are tightly crossed! How exciting! As usual, I grinned all the way through my reading of your moments. I finally remembered to play along with you, too! I love the way you combine Amanda and Monica's brilliant blogging rituals. xoxo

  7. love these pictures! hope all goes well with the house.

  8. Wonderful Joy Pockets and yes, you have my prayers and the universe will sell your house very soon ~Wwhat you wish for your self; I also wish for you. ^_^ ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Fingers and everything else (!!!) crossed. Loved the first photo ... really made me smile. Great images! Well done!

  10. Ah, showings...I do hope that a buyer comes forward soon! A son who offers to clean out the garage AND the rat cage! Now that's something to be thankful for!

  11. love the music and hate preparing for house showings and daddy has nice forearms! :)

    have a good one, mj!

  12. Oh my goodness! 3 in a row?? I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you (and here over Portland as it's beginning to look like we'll still be here...still no news re: the job). Love the bulldog - thanks for the smile link :-)

  13. Sending you happy thoughts on the house! That is great news! We have a Daddy in our family that keeps us laughing non-stop, too. Isn't it great? I love that you read more than one book at a time. I do that too and people always think I'm crazy. Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend, MJ!

  14. Everything crossed here. Hope all goes well.

    Wonderful pockets! I love the music- had never heard that before and it's beautiful! Love the photos too.

    Have a fab weekend and good luck with the viewings!

  15. everything crossable is crossed for you!

    another joy pocket - three viewings in a week means keeping house perfect is all in one go. lol

    i'm at a hotspot broadband, so could hear the song! lol loved when the violins kicked in.... if i have time i'm going back over your posts to find all the dance ones LOL

  16. I do hope your house sells! Lovely photo, she looks so happy :)

  17. Oh yay! I do hope you guys get an attractive offer! Sending good luck your way. Hope you have a great weekend and get to relax after that cleaning frenzy.

  18. fingers crossed for you! Hoping it's soon!

    That snail is gorgeous. What a wonderful shot!

  19. that first picture is so sweet!
    has me missing my father horribly : )

  20. Great photos and moments, MJ. I love the red balloons best...very cool. Here's my moment


    Happy Friday!!

  21. i love your youtube links. thanks for sharing this! do you have any of his albums? can you recommend any? what a voice... so cool with the orchestra too. i hope your dreams come true with your lifestyle change desires! i'll be envisioning you in snowy mountains this winter. : )

  22. Hooray for house showings! Hoping it all works out well for you!!

  23. Bare feet and water balloons - yay!! I love it!

  24. fingers crossed!! :)

    lovin' your photos this week... you captured some magic in the first one!

    the british accent contest made me laugh. lana + i spent a day pretending we were british in public for a whole day- good fun :)

    happy weekend mj!!

  25. hey! you found a big snail! i was thinking about yours dying. our snail habitat is really wet and moist - maybe you need more water in the soil? and we hunt them in drizzly rain or right after a rain. good luck! (and with your house! we had one for sell for a year recently-uggg!)

  26. good luck! house-selling/showing/cleaning is no fun. when we sold our house about a year ago, showings popped up so frequently that i would tell the kids we were on a "rocket run," to make the frantic cleaning & exit more fun. hope your house sells fast!

  27. Um, the last picture is incredible. Don't worry, my fingers are crossed so tightly. Wishes sent, too.
    Dont' you just love watching daddies swing their daughters around? Perfect way to pass the time.

  28. Great pockets! I love the water balloon fight followed by playing in the rain, a bulldog and his pool, and starting three new books!

  29. these photos are so JOYfull...you made me smile right now!

  30. Wow -- neato about the house. Fingers crossed.

    Orlando wanted a water balloon fight for his birthday last month -- what a blast that was! :)

    See you,

  31. awwww. nice week! congrats on the house. & really loving that snail pic. I've been out of the loop too. Didn't even Joy Pocket this week. Wah.

  32. Lovely week. May your house sell quickly and smoothly..

  33. Crossing all of me for you : ) you..i love the snail pic xxx

  34. Oh goodness girl, I do love your pockets full of joy! I am sending good house-selling vibes your way!!
    much love,

  35. I love it when you post music here, MJ. It's always utterly awesome.

    I thought I'd already commented here, about the house, and wished you luck and sent good thoughts and crossed my fingers, but no, I didn't. Though I DID, in my heart. (If that makes any sense??)

    Thinking of you. I can't wait to see how you are, when you write next. :)

  36. Great post! And I loved the photos and your poem from your previous post. We are putting our house on the market in six months. So much little stuff to get done before then. And then yes, the waiting and having to keep the house clean. Good luck,


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