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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where we've been

Up in the trees picking apples...

Walking Seattle streets, watching the signs...

Eating gelato that tastes too good for us to care if goats have anything to do with it...

Touching starfish and hypnotized by anemones...

Watching market fish fly and statues light the wall...

Flowers on fire...

Salmon climbing ladders...

and skipping stones across the water...

The streets and shores of Seattle have kept us busy. It's such a beautiful city and the sun seemed determined to prove that this place has every right to be a top contender for home.  We have heavy influences for Seattle, including our best friends that moved here a year ago, old friends from high school, and sweet blog friends (nice to see you again Rain)! We have much less time to think about it now that the appraisal went through and the deal confirmed!!!! We close Oct. 30 :).

So where to next? We really have no idea, though I appreciate all the suggestions from the last post :). I guess I won't worry about it for now. I'll just try to figure out how to make tender moments like these last as long as we are here...

much love
xx oo


  1. Beautiful photos...I like what you've done with the place ;-). Thanks for taking time to meet up again!! It was a huge treat! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed - go Seattle go!

  2. Congratulations, MJ on the house deal! How EXCITING!! Oh, I wonder where you'll end up. Your words and pics of Seattle make me want to move back there. If you go to Northern California I'll want to move there too. Both places have some dear friends, and YOU'D be there (Double Plus Good!). I'm filling up with joy for what's ahead for you.

    And now it's time for me to put in a plug for International Travel. :) You know that Australia has a whole lot of sunshine? And glorious nature? And beaches to die for, whole long stretches of undeveloped beaches, with rainforest and national park edging the sea? And some very nice people too :) It's worth a thought, don't you think?

    I can't wait to hear how all this goes. I can picture all of us sitting here, sending you love and good wishes, like a great crowd of friends, connected by the thread that is you, and how lovely you are.

  3. wait, seattle? you're going the wrong way! south, south... central coast ca... :)

    okay, enough of a plug. enjoy your time wherever you are. congrats on the house.

  4. Fantastic news about your house! What an exciting time for you all. I hope you have fun searching for a new place to call home! I am itching to travel and I am living vicariously through your photos. Happy days to you all. Jacinta x
    PS, your prize from my recent blog giveaway is winging it's way to you. x

  5. congrats! and the pictures are so gorgeous- love the one with the starfish... i mean the colors are amazing!

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to hear and see where you end up calling home. The pictures are great and it looks like you are having a wonderful time.xx

  7. Oh MJ -- what an exciting time. Yes, stay in the moment, it looks as if you are enjoying every one!

  8. Ah, you seem to be soaking up all the beauty of Seattle. I love it there, so I can see how it would be a top contender, but I'm sure that having dear friends helps, too! I'll be thinking of you as you plan this next phase of your family's journey. October 30 is so soon! Yay!

  9. congrats on closing the deal.

    have flicked through your previous photos, you guys are having a blast.... and you're a better traveller photographer than me, i forgot my camera twice! lol

  10. i am really enjoying your pictures and stories from the road. and congratulations on your house! does that mean the market is all better now????

    it sounds like you are going to end up on the west coast.

  11. Congrats on the house deal-things tend to work out eh? Seattle always seems so magical. I can't wait to see where you go. Thanks for being such an inspiration friend.

  12. Wow! CONGRATS dear friend on the house! So excited for you. I can totally see you on a little farm in Seattle. Or, perhaps, taking a year off and scampering through Europe. Whatever you do it will be fun to read about it!
    p.s. I want that school bus.

  13. spectacular pictures...looks like your trip keeps getting better.

  14. Fun photo-journey you've taken us all on. Florida to Seattle was my first "big" move. :)

  15. Oh, congrats on the deal!!!

    I've always thought I would love to live in the Pacific Northwest. But where ever you go, I'm sure you'll all have an amazing time being together.


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