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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the weekend and dreaming...

We had a relaxing weekend, filled with Oktoberfest with friends, a morning at the barn with a beautiful horse, walks on the trail with my man, some alone time for me, allowing for finishing a knitting project and starting a new. We took the kids to see the musical play Little Shop of Horrors at our local theatre, it was wonderful...Then a phone call from the doc yesterday letting me know that E's tests came back positive for E.coli. What??!! Stomach mystery solved, but not really. We don't even eat that much meat, so I am wracking my brain wondering where...when...what... He looks better, feels better, everything is better, thank goodness, but more blood tests today to confirm. Meanwhile, to calm my mama mind, I am joining the 5 senses tour with Monica, to dream of wonderful things...

I am dreaming of...

source: me

 riding horses on my own, in a open field with tall, brown grass...


of dancing to songs like these until I am old and gray ...


of writing words as beautifully and effortlessly as hers...

of discovering the brilliance of lines and the soothing practice of doodling...

of faraway places, with stunning beauty and the richest of histories...

And you? Wishing you joy on Tuesday...


5 senses tour


  1. Oh, nasty, sorry about the e.coli thing... The pictures are so nice - love the boots - and especially the art and architecture ones are great. Thanks for sharing xo

  2. Beautiful images, and it sounds as though you had a mostly lovely weekend, too. I'm glad the stomach mystery is sort of solved. A friend of mine became very ill with E.Coli some years back and surprisingly it was traced back to spinach, if I remember correctly. In any case, it does seem that the worst has passed. I hope everything is back to normal, if not now then soon.

  3. e.coli? crazy. glad he's starting to feel better.

    and i just found out that mary oliver is speaking here this week... so excited!!!!

    love your dreams!

  4. Oh MJ how scary! E. Coli can be found in vegetables not just meat. There was an outbreak a few years ago and the source was traced to lettuce. I am sending special thoughts your way.
    PS- Love the boots, I'll have to show you mine {ha, ha] ! xx

  5. Love the boot photo! Glad you know where the dreaded sickness came from and it will not spread through the house. I agree with Tracey, E coli can be on any fruit or vegetable.

  6. My doodles never come out that beautiful.

    So sorry to hear about E, but glad you know what it is so you can now follow the best course to help him heal. Like the others have said, it doesn't just come from meat. Unfortunately our food supply is so tainted anymore. It's quite scary.

  7. well it's good to have an answer, better than a mystery when it comes to our kids' health. but yes, i would be scratching my head too. it's the desire to want to catch it ever happening again isn't it?

    beautiful finds. instanbul is on my list!

  8. e.coli is hard to get rid of....even with antibiotics if you are going that route.
    I suggest Goat Milk Kefir every day for several months and maybe look into to getting some herbs too.
    My daughter had it, supposedly, though it did not show up in regular western medical tests. The above (with no antibiotics) cured her and she had intense pain for months beforehand.
    Sometimes you need the hardcore western drugs, but seek out all your options.


  9. Sorry to hear about the e coli. I loved the photos...especially the one of Istanbul. We were there last year for a few months and the picture brought back such great memories!

  10. oh so scary. i'm really glad you had a diagosis though, it's so worrisome to not know. my very best wishes for a super speedy recovery.

    love your boot photo and all the rest, most especially mary o. LOVE. wishing you much joy too dear.

  11. glad you didn’t know it was e coli till after it was over! that’s a small blessing and so glad it’s behind you! LOVE your boots and the photo and that song is wonderful! thanx for the 5 senses...such a good idea.

  12. Oh dear! Poor E. How scary. So happy he's feeling better. Love your dreams...I have a heart for Mary Oliver and Istanbul as well :-)


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