"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pocketful of Moments 10.14.11

This week I was reminded to really think about our bodies, how we protect it, nurture, honor, and revere it.  Whether it's a bad back, strange stomach illnesses, or fear to take a self portrait, I need to remember that now is the time to take care of ourselves and love what we have.

Joining Monica once again for Joy Pockets :)...

Getting sticky, messy, loud, and happy with our annual halloween house decorating (no I didn't bake the bread)

Dancing the grumpies out of my girl in the kitchen with some Broken Bells 

starting a polaroid journal

this post inspiring us to do our own

I apologize to anyone who might think this morbid, but we look
 at it with hope and inspiration to live full and dream big :).
the boy having fun wrecking his own journal

finding courage to take
my own photo

for This Moment with

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."  ~Annie Dillard (The Writing Life)

Happy fall weekend to you friends!!


  1. Happy Fall weekend to you, too ... beautiful lady!

  2. It's so funny how we take pictures of everyone else and totally resist ourselves. Nice pic, by the way. And I LOVE the gingerbread house. :)

  3. Hooray for you MJ! I think you are a beautiful lady, inside and out! I hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun and laughter! xx

  4. i keep trying to remind myself it's fall... 90 degrees yesterday. ugh. but this heat wave is supposed to end, so i'm trying to wait patiently.

    beautiful picture!

  5. these are som joyfull moments indeed... and you look great!

  6. I love the gingerbread Halloween House - what a super idea! I often wonder how models do it, having their body on display all the time - of course, they get a lot of help! But I think your self-portrait is as beautiful as any model's photos :)

  7. Awesome and wonderful...those are my two words for you today :)

    Here's mine...


    Happy Friday!!

  8. Hello there, beautiful lady!! You are lovely!

  9. Beautiful! I love the chalkboard, not morbid at all!

  10. happy fall to you! i want to make those gingerbread houses--so fun! and what a lovely shot of yourself!

  11. I love that Annie Dillard quote. You look as beautiful on the outside as you are on this inside MJ!
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  12. Love the spooky gingerbread home and your portrait is amazing.

  13. Beautiful photo!!!

    Love the bucket list! It's amazing how a little dance can change an attitude. :)

    Have a beautiful weekend, MJ!

  14. Would love to know how your son is doing with the journal? How old is he. I have been pondering this for myself and my sons but not sure how it would go.

  15. Loving your joy pocket moments this week. What a gorgeous self portrait. I understand the courage it takes to do this. Wishing you a beautiful weekend lovely lady! Jacinta x

  16. Oh you. What an incredible entry. This might be one of my favorites of yours. The Annie Dillard quote. That fun house! (A good reminder). The all important chalkboard. Nicely done and thank you for all of the important reminders. XO and Happy Weekend!!

  17. This post sunds so spookily like I could have written it...remembering and looking after our bodies (Ive also been sufferring from bad hips, back and weird belly things!)and dancing out the grumpies (fab song too!)I am also really shy and self conscous when it comes to photos and unfortiunately my man family are all photographers..aaah. But you are a gorgeous lady, you should have no fear x

  18. Oh, I love every bit of this. Your Halloween house is fantastic - what a neat tradition! We really have none surrounding this time of year other than the baking of things containing pumpkin, so I am on the lookout all the time :)

    Learning to appreciate and care for our bodies, and setting intentions for a full life are both things I can get excited about, too. Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful moments. It's a treat to see your lovely face, too!

  19. I don't think it morbid at all! Joe and I want to thru-hike the AT too. Who knows...maybe we will meet you on the trail. I have been slacking on my banjo practicing; gotta get back into it! I love that quote about how we spend our days; it's such an important reminder to me to be present instead of focusing my thoughts on my fantasy of the future.

  20. Funny, I don't have a bucket list. Never have had one. I just kinda do what strikes me at the time, I guess...

    Great post MJ -- makes one think. :)

  21. want to hike the A trail too.

    and yes, dancing is great for the grumpies, here too.

    so nice to see you! great photo!!!!

  22. You are beautiful! It is so scary taking your own photo - I'm really so un-photogenic but must get over that so that memories can be created for my husband & children as I am now.

    Love some of your creative ideas - you've got me thinking. Have you employed the Explorer book yet? Sadly, I admit I haven't. It sits on the shelf...maybe I should pull it out and actually use it.

  23. I guess it's that time of the year again...I am so behind. I love the first photo the best. It definitely has the Halloween spirit!


  24. I'm glad I visited today... thanks for having the courage for a self portrait!! and inspiring us to ask ourselves what we want to do before we die!!

    here's mine: http://journeyaroundtheson.blogspot.com/2011/10/this-moment_14.html

  25. you are beautiful!!!!!!!! you do know that, right?
    and love the chalkboard....so NOT morbid.

  26. ah, beautiful you!

    love dancing the grumpies out, we also tend to tickle them out as she loves that.

    a polaroid journal sounds fun.

  27. broken bells is cool. is that the name of the band? i like that you always suggest cool music. pretty picture pretty lady.

  28. Beutiful you!

    I love bucket lists and keep one of my own. we tickle (hubby) or dance (me) the grumpies out of our little one too! And we usually have a dancing session in the kitchen every day while I'm cooking dinner. Turn the music up loud and let loose!

  29. I love your moment. Lovely and amazing.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw