"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Colors flash all around me, singing with romantic reds, dancing in
grounded greens and youthful yellows,
the blues cry and reach into my soul
while purple finds passion waiting to explode.
Shapes caress my face with both hands, and my eyes wander to
whats up and below, to the outlines and to the horizons.
I see that my heart, my head and my intentions.
want to follow something other than purpose or plans.
I see one chance, then two, to fly free and roam,
but I hesitate, torn between spontaneity
and purpose, unable to see that they
belong together too.

The unusual or the unfamiliar present themselves
freely and without warning:
a small detour, an unexpected opportunity,
an inviting country road,
or some wild and crazy thought.
All of them, will bring something
that wasn't there before.
Remember to take the chance,
grab the end of a wing and go for a ride...
do not let them pass,
 do not let too many fly away
so you're left with only a rear mirror view...
They come only when we invite them, with
a youthful heart, and when we take time to play.
If ignored or neglected, and alone too long,
 the dancing child that illuminates within,
may fade and float away...

(from my polaroid journal)

may spontaneity and chance find you willing today...

much love


  1. These are beautiful!! What wonderful reflections MJ!

  2. excellent! i love that you reminded us that they work together too.

    gorgeous 2nd shot.

  3. Well done, MJ! You shining brightly!

  4. love love this- totally reminds me of when I was a little girl - you know the corner of Wekiva Springs Rd at the entrance of Wekiva just down from the State Park? there used to be an old horse stable there & when I was a kid I'd ride my bike (through the great bike trails in wekiva) down there & brush the horses, feed them, clean the stalls- anything they would let me do - just so I could be near them and learn about them & once in a while someone took pity and let me ride! :) it's one of my favorite adventures repeated as a child

    Your words are beautiful - "the blues cry and reach into my soul" - oh yes, they do!!!!

  5. Sometimes, detours can bring us the most amazing experiences.

    Beautiful, MJ!!

  6. You always present some of the most gorgeous pictures! And a beautiful heartfelt messages to boot. Just lovely!

  7. I am so IN LOVE with this post, MJ. Everything about it. Your words, your images. Amazing. You are taking quite nicely to that Polaroid or it to you. Missed you. xoxo.

  8. love these photos and your words. your pictures are so ‘southern’ for me and remind me of home, which then reminds me of my detours. which have become my life, really. and that’s fun to ponder! so when you move, i will surely miss your subject matter! but am excited to see your next detour!

  9. What a lovely post! I find that I rush through my day and sometimes taking a breath and just seeing the world around me is just what I need :)

  10. It's beautiful MJ! I hope you are having a super time on you detour.

  11. what a beautiful and wise woman you are. "I see that my heart, my head and my intentions.
    want to follow something other than purpose or plans." i totally resonate with that. I'm going to go off and try to make some room for chance today; thanks for the reminder : )

  12. Love your beautiful detours. Happy to be back to see them after days without power-a sight for sore eyes.

  13. loving this journey you're taking with your pola and words that just seem to pour forth as pure poetry.

  14. Some of the best things in life happen on detours! Beautiful words, as always, and so uplifting.

  15. Just so good to read. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog and for finding me :)

    Here's to your wonderful writing,

  16. love those words of yours. the atmospherical pictures
    "the unusual or the unfamiliar present themselves
    freely and without warning"
    i really liked that : )

  17. Beautifully stated MJ.
    Such a great perspective on the paradox need we have to be open and spontaneous and purposeful and practical. Love the line "so you're left with only a rear mirror view"
    We kinda came to a cross roads this past weekend with some pretty stressful stuff, and just this morning my husband sent me a real estate email for an Amish electricity-free farm house on a hobby farm, and we are thinking of biting, even though it sounds insane!
    Thanks for your inspiration I am taking your poem as a "PERSONAL SIGN"

  18. this post....the words, images...are mesmerizing. thank you for sharing what you see with the world.

  19. you have no idea how much i love these photos....are they with a real polaroid ? if they are, you're so lucky !!


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw