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Friday, December 2, 2011

Joy Pockets and Twinkling

a glimpse of my desktop

Joy Pockets with Monica :).
Hope you join in, they are a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a week...

A good week, a busy week. Too many words on my brain though and not enough uninterrupted time to punch them out on the keys. I am looking forward to the weekend actually, looking forward to finding time to let insight pour out of my heart and head and onto the screen to breathe. I hope to share them with you next week :). Meanwhile, the joy...

I do,  I love your soul (by Jillian)

Monica's insights here, and especially here


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girl pirates

top 10 quirky science tricks you can do at home

cooler days and nights

the sound of bangles

twinkling lights and Bella's 52 photos project

Hope your weekend is a beautiful one...



  1. what a cute owl!

    i hope you get some time. i'm wondering if i will as well. after a great start i have done no writing. just impossible. the one me time it was late in the day, too wiped to even contemplate anything other than crochet and a movie.

    words need to breeeeeathe...
    more importantly, ideas do. i have managed little snippets of daydreaming whenever possible.

    thanks for the shoutouts.

    amy makes such lovely things, i'm sure you'll find something just right.

  2. blog time is a needed break to summarize and categorize -- yes? Love your little owl. Cute!

  3. Beutiful and peaceful pictures. Love the words on the bag. Have a great weekend.

  4. Lovely post MJ and I hope you find some quiet moment time this weekend to just be!

  5. i love your bags!!! i have a bag ‘problem’ for sure! i hope you find your time and inspiration right along with it. on another note, the cobra weave is tricky, is it not? it ended in lewis throwing the bag of sticks and me deciding that we might be ‘slow’ in certain arenas. it did not help that the tutorial was done by a five year old! :)

    have a lovely weekend!

  6. your joy pockets always bring me joy!

  7. Love sweet owl ornaments. I look forward to reading your insights as I always learn so much.
    Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  8. i love that owl and the twinkly lights! and girl pirates rule!

  9. That owl looks perfect in the tree-it's where a bird should be (I rhyme!!). I love your joy pockets and look forward every week to see your list, have a great weekend :)

  10. Beautiful inspiring stuff as usual. And a little fyi to you:
    With less time to blog this month I am keeping my post short and plugging other blogs that have inspired me. Wander Wonder Discover is next! I really enjoy what you have to say, and the photographs you take.

  11. I love owls too. We have a couple owl ornaments on our tree too.

  12. I love the sound of bangles too....all wonderful things!

    Have a wonderful weekend, MJ!


  13. May your words flow freely. Such wonderful joys - arrgh for girl pirates and that owl is supercute. I hope that you have an awesome weekend and that many more joys come your way. xo

  14. I just love this post.Thanks for taking me to some new places to visit!

  15. lovely joy pockets, your so good at remembering, photographing and writing about them. :)

    p.s. i did get the tree, now i just need to decorate! this weekend (i hope!)

  16. I love the glimpse of your desk. The bird candle holders are lovely, and of course the picture of your beautiful kids. Love the girl pirate, too :) Is that M?

  17. MJ -- about GDS and kids -- I would have you or your daughter do alot of research before acquiring one. They are fantastic dogs -- but buy from a reputable breeder (not a pet store) and a young puppy, 8 - 12 weeks old would be preferable.

    If no one is available for training or staying with the dog on a 24/7 basis, I would not recommend having one as a pet. They are smart, loyal, but need human contact on a regular basis. Our two have had me at home with them since they were puppies, and they are the best dogs ever. I would have no problem with them around children. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

  18. Love the owl! Owls hold a special place in my heart.
    Also loving to revisit the posts you linked to of Monica's. It's fun to be part of all these different blogging journeys, isn't it?

  19. Thanks for the Cypress Jewelry tip - gorgeous stuff!! Such a cute owl ornie. I saw a glass one last week, and I've been itching to go back and get it ever since. I think I may just cave!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)

  20. Lovely moments MJ. Can't have too many girl pirates I say. I love the owl on your christmas tree. We got a real tree this year for the first time and I am loving the pine tree smell wafting through the house. Jacinta x


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