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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Joy Pockets 1.7.12

I wasn't going to do Joy Pockets this week. I just didn't have the energy to be honest. Though M's fever has subsided, she is still having an awful time eating due to the canker sores that have erupted in her mouth (I've counted 10 from what I can see). It's been terrible really. This girl, who is incredibly hungry and desperate to eat, just can't chew due to the pain. So, I am doing my best with smoothies, soups, applesauce, and anything mushy I can make for her. I can't tell you how helpless I have felt this week.

BUT....here's what slapped me silly in the face today-- no matter how dark or heavy our days appear, joy is still ripe and full of readiness to bloom anyway. Sometimes it just takes someone else to show us how.

I found this girl, several minutes after another terrible fit of not being able to eat what she wanted, with her fedora and John Lennon glasses on. She said "take a picture of me Mom".

"Sure..." I said wondering how she snapped out of it so fast. And then she smiled, waiting for the shot.
I had to laugh. I told her she didn't have to smile if she didn't feel like it.

She said "But I want to smile Mom!"

Albeit not the most enthusiastic smile due to the pain, but it's a smile nonetheless. More importantly, here was a girl still seeking joy in her worst and most painful moments. And as usual, my best lessons are usually right under my nose and come directly from my children :).

So without further ado, here are my Joy Pockets for the week (and thanks to Mon for this beautiful tradition...)

cool, brisk weather and the return of mukluks

"Elizabeth"  with Cate Blanchett and a new interest in the Tudors

finishing and thoroughly enjoying A Dog's Purpose

new puppy smells (alas from a pup that belongs to a friend)

the amazing opportunity to Unravel

hunting for yarn to knit my first sweater :)

and long, hot, relaxing showers

much love

p.s. lunar calendar giveaway still open


  1. What an awesome photo! and an awesome girl! Sending her healing wishes...

  2. She does look like Lennon! Amazing spirit that girl has. Oooooooh, The Tudors...Joe and I were addicted to that series on streaming Netflix. It's so, so good.

  3. Your sweet, brave girl is just adorable MJ. I wish I knew of something that would make her feel better. Can she have frozen melon or such to help with the pain? I need to pull out my books to see what I can find, if there is anything I will email.

    How exciting to be looking for yarn for your first sweater. Have you looked at Quince & Co.? Their yarn is a dream, the people that work there are nice and they are super quick.
    I had to put my sweater on hold waiting on sharper tipped needles; they will be here Monday!

    I hope your weekend is a lovely one and there is a birthday party tomorrow!

  4. Oh my! Your first sweater....I cannot wait to hear more about it. I know you are going to love wearing it over and over again. Your poor girl suffering so....I hope she is eating better today!

  5. Lovely...bless you.
    I love the photo of your daughter.xxx hugs to her.

  6. Your sweet daughter is inspiring to me too!! I could learn a lot from that lesson.


  7. As someone who has suffered with canker sores, I know how painful they can be. I do hope that she feels better soon! And to be able to have some dress up fun despite the pain, now that's joy!

  8. Love the photo of M. What a sweetie. Kids are often THE best teachers, it's astounding really. I hope she's back to 100% soon. With full-bellied "Happy" smiles. Wonderful pockets.

    Love your mukluks! I want some!!


    happy weekend, friend!

  9. What an incredible person she is! It's a rare individual who can still bring joy to others in the midst of their own pain and discomfort. The picture is fantastic! All the rest sounds wonderful, too - may the weekend bring still more joys and a bit of healing, too! xoxo

  10. Kids are amazing teachers! We just have to be smart enough to learn from them. :) I hope she's feeling better soon.

    I have a bit of a Tudor obsession - love the "Elizabeth" movies with Blanchett. Nice mukluks, look really cozy.

  11. Ok MJ so I cried at this post. It reminds me how resilient the spirit can be. You are so right we are constantly reminded by the little souls that haven't been worn yet! I will carry the image of your little one smiling through her pain and remember her lesson. Thank you both.

    Elizabeth was good. I really enjoyed "The Young
    Victoria" I am a sucker for a good love story.

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  13. Oh dear, MJ. I pray your weekend has held much peace and healing. Much love to you. Your beautiful girl is full of such light!

  14. amazing picture. and a good lesson for all of us!!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. that made me teary. it's more often than not the kiddos who remind us of life's worth.
    and poor poor thing with such horrible sores in her mouth. as a mama i feel your pain.

    what a little gem she is.
    sending her healing energy.

  16. A very good post, and an important reminder. Sometimes our children teach us. I just stumbled to your blog for the first time today, and love this joy pockets tradition. I unknowingly posted the same type of thing yesterday.

  17. dear mj i hope healing has begun! your sweet girl, smiling through her pain. love children so much. i know exactly what you mean, mine are all my best teachers. even now that they are grown.

  18. What a beautiful story. Good job Mom, being receptive to the simple lessons our children can teach us. (sometimes I find myself spending too much time being the all knowing teaching mom, forgetting to simply be and enjoy my kids, and so learn from them).
    By the way, I have since learned that goodreads no longer does bookswap, which is a shame. But no worries, I am at the library a lot.
    Hope your daughter is chewing and grinning big and wide soon.

  19. oh so lovely, love that instant shot on Flikr, too!

  20. oh so lovely, love that instant shot on Flikr, too!

  21. Your poor girl :( And poor mama too! It is just plain awful to watch our babes in pain.
    I hope she gets well soon.

  22. Oh yes, the kiddos so often know best!

    Love the mukluks! Happy Monday to you MJ!


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