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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pocketful of Moments 2.10.12

culture lessons and belly dancing at homeschool co-op

Oh it feels good to be writing a post... a Joy Pockets post no less :). I could go on about how busy I've been, but I always feel silly sharing such things. We're all busy. Whether it's stress, transitions, or just ordinary life living, we do have these things in common don't we? How we find those savory morsels of peace that elevate our mood and bring us back to center, now that is something extra-ordinary worth sharing :).

Little girls in jangling hip scarves
(oh yes, the mamas too)

the four of us howling at the full moon with abandon

waking to songs of the Northern Mockingbird

The Dangerous Book for Boys : awesome
awesome awesome book that E and I have loved reading 
and discovering together, did I say


The Spun Monkey : I first learned about Shannon and her yarns from Ginny last year. Shannon handspins, hand-dyes, needle-felts, as well as offers lessons and classes, using locally rescued farm wool. If only I lived in Vermont!! After supporting her in her Kickstarter campaign last year, this lovely skein arrived in my mailbox. It's wonderful and inspiring to watch a person's dreams and visions grow--much love and luck to you Shannon!

a hit with the fam: panko oven-baked chicken drumsticks

being able to laugh at myself knowing that
the sweater I am knitting is already too big for me, lol,
and so it goes...:).

Going into the weekend with a little hip swagger, a lot of attitude, and some
Everlasting Light

Everlasting Light by The Black Keys on Grooveshark

and This Moment

Wishing you swagger in your weekend...

p.s. you may not *see* me too much in the blogosphere the next couple weeks, but please know I am still visiting and lurking in between taping and packing..



  1. i want that book for my girl! :)
    enjoy your packing... as i sort of mirror you sorting the things....

    happy weekend.

  2. What fantastic joy you share this week! And we have that book purchased and stashed away for an upcoming birthday in our house....so excited to share it with him!

    Best to you as you pack and tape, and swagger your way into this new part of your life!

  3. The last photo - be still my heart.

    My family will love that recipe. I'll give it a try this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    Sending lots of good packing vibes. :)

  4. Good luck with the busy life! I am sure there will be a day that you sit and sigh and look back on the crazy transition will wonder :) Take care!!

  5. MJ, there is a book for girls too, The Daring Book for Girls, which is a great read!
    Have a great weekend and remember to stop and just breathe some too!

  6. nice update from your magical corner of the world! i look at that last picture and think how much your scenery is about to change! love the little belly dancer skirts! wishing you lots more precious moments in the midst of your busyness!

  7. Ok, yes that book is on my wishlist as O is in love with all things adventure and wilderness related. His favorite book now is a trap and snare book of his dad's.

    Love the pic of your babes, soaking in their memories to take with them. Magic. Know that we are thinking of you too and sending you much peace and strength in your packing and sorting! Have a wonderful weekend MJ xoxo

  8. Such wonderful moments. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  9. i can only imagine how busy you are at this time, and i hope you do find those moments to just be. love to see your pockets and your adorable children.
    may the packing go smoothly, remember to label!

  10. I need that book too- for my boys :) I've heard great things- good luck with the packing - hope it goes smoothly!

  11. great moments & pockets as usual MJ.
    Wishing you so much love and joy as you pack for your big adventure. Thank you of taking the time to still check in with your blog friends- you are a truly wonderful gal. We're with you!

  12. you all howled at the moon? you all howled at the moon!!!!! there is nothing else to life. you have found the secret.

    best luck and fun in packing! indulge in this exciting new transition! (i look forward to my own in the next few months, i hope i hope.)


  13. yey for bellydancing! My favourite kind of dancing, especially fun with kids. We are arranging a kids dancing day with our tutor over the holidays, I cant wait! That wool looks beautiful and howling at the moon is great fun x

  14. Love your moment, so peaceful. Visiting via Soulemama, have a lovely weekend.

  15. Love the Black Keys!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)


  16. I can't help but smile picturing you all howling at the moon together :o)
    I am passing along the Liebster Blog award to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. More about the award here:

  17. sounds like you had a really good week :) happy saturday!!

  18. that last picture is super adorable, even though I'm a bit jealous over the blue skies.

    I think we all need a good solid howl at the moon.
    induction into womanhood.

  19. happy taping and packing.... we will be waiting with open arms here in Colorado! :)

  20. What a sweet moment of two sweet kiddos. Wishing you well in your packing and getting ready to move. I hope it is as smooth as possible. Happy weekend. Jacinta x

  21. I always enjoy reading you joy pockets MJ! good luck with all moving stuff!

  22. Lovely, MJ... you are in my thoughts!!


  23. Oh I love those hip scarves!

    And what a sweet moment.

  24. I know just what you mean MJ.
    We bought the "the daring books for girls" this summer. The female counterpart. That's a great one too. Perfect summer backpack accessory.
    Wishing a clear mind, and moments of peace to you as you pack up.


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