"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mobile, Alabama

Okay so, aside from the 18 wheeler trucks that zip by us regularly on the highway, guess what else we see incessantly? Travel trailers, Coachmens, mobile homes tricked out in style like this one we passed.  I am in awe of how many people are road travelers and wanderers, and as we passed them, I couldn't help peering into the drivers seats, wondering if one day I could see myself in that seat. Perhaps with a traveling home like this one, I could. 

We made it into Mobile, Alabama yesterday evening. Gaining the extra hour as we crossed into Central time zone motivated me immensely to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and we did--500 miles, 8 hours, in one day.

What I will remember about Mobile:
-the beautiful I-10 bridge that crosses the Gulf inlet as we approach the city
-the misty haze that hid the city until we were right upon it, and which continued to linger all evening
-and the bread pudding we devoured last night, and that I am still salivating over 12 hours later

Well, I have to up and leave for our drive to New Orleans, see you down on the bayou... xoxo


  1. Such fun travels my friend! I love bread pudding. Enjoy the bayou!

  2. yum to the bread pudding!
    bridges and fellow travelers and misty hazes.
    days on the road my friend!

  3. yeee ha! if you travel as far today as you did yesterday you will cross ‘THE INVISIBLE LINE”. I’m not going to explain it, because intuitive you will feel it! so exciting! happy trails!

  4. i have to say it is wonderful to be a voyeur. what a thing this world is now, this allowance we have of seeing inside other lives. how exciting this journey is!


  5. You are so sweet to give us your travel updates :) Have fun!

  6. you are giving me road trip fever over here. I'd lovelovelove to have a moving home. I day dream about it- well, and managing a camp ground. :)

  7. I could totally see myself in that car seat! And remember in New Orleans- watch out for vampires! (Anne Rice ones, not those urgh- 'Twilighty' ones). x

  8. Good luck on your road trip. Hope that New Orleans is fun! xo

  9. your road trip sounds fabulous.....but that photo is amazing!

  10. i love that you're taking us on your adventure!


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw