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Friday, March 23, 2012

'round here

Soothing, yes? I feel calmer and a whole breath softer when I look at this picture...and then I turn the corner and see this...

*sigh*... It is my existence at this moment, but for now that just has to be alright... at least for 9 more days :). But can I show you what is sprinkled in this picture? Other than our boxes stacked around the edges of this temporary home, the colored pens and doodle book scattered across the floor, my half-knitted sweater sitting neglected in the bag to the right, is that a stick sticking out of my knitting bag???? Kids!!!

Isn't this lovely? I have two of them that I found on Craig's list...They are strong, sturdy and oh so wonderful! Cory are you proud? Well, before I continue I will tell you the honest truth in that I probably paid too much for them. $20 each. EEK!! I know I know. Cory would have found them for $2 each somewhere. But who would I be if I didn't have something to learn?!!! Okay, here's another one that may restore your faith in my thrifting education...

Hubs hates it. I love it. $5. I think I could have paid less, but the lady at the garage sale said it belonged to her mother, which I thought was worth the extra couple $. Quick short story on why I had to get this one, besides that it is vintage gold (or red). Seven years ago I let my mom sell in her garage sale a large vintage painting my father bought when I was very young. It was a large acrylic painting of a girl with long black hair and a straw hat on her head. He told my mother that this reminded him of me, that it was me. To this day I struggle to get over that thoughtless loss. What was I thinking when I agreed to sell it? Anyway, I seek redemption and this red vintage lady helps--a little bit :).

There is more I snagged, but I can't show you all my cards at once right? I'm late, but I have to link up with Cory's Thrifty Thursday :)...

In other happenings 'round here, take a look at these darlings...


No, not ours :)! They are two of the four dogs we walked and played with while volunteering at the shelter here in Boulder.  It's safe to say that the kids and I are ecstatic to be able to help out these homeless fuzballs. It's true that my kids begged me to take one home, especially Rocky. It's a good thing we are homeless right now too or I just might have agreed. We go back today to walk and spend time with more of them. Volunteering here was one of the best decisions I've made since we moved here. It has bolstered a sense of purpose, compassion, and selflessness in my kids, to nurture something that needs more attention than they do.

Wishing you a bright and happy weekend...


  1. We have the same chairs! Every few years I paint them a different color so I never have to replace them!
    I think you picture is lovely and for only $5 it is a super bargain for artwork!
    When my children were younger we use to visit the shelter weekly to help out and play with all the animals. I think it's a win-win situation for all!
    Nine more days....not long at all! :)
    Have a great time exploring!

  2. Good for you! Collecting treasures, volunteering, making memories! YeeHaw!!!!!

  3. Very best wishes with your move...

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Love your finds! I am with you. Cory would have found them for much less, while you and I are paying $20 each. ;) It's all good though.

  5. That's too funny -- I have the same two pictures when we moved. The beautiful view out our kitchen window (sigh... flowers, a fountain, neighbors) and then I turned around and took a picture of the tower of boxes. There's another photo of the poor kids stranded on a chair eating their snack (we didn't have a table yet!)



  6. ah home craziness, lol. wish i was there to lend you a hand, i enjoy unpacking and sorting. :D
    but you all have your own place!

    sad story about the painting, i would feel terrible if i had done the same. of course you weren't to know, but i understand the regret.

    i love that your kids seem to be getting so much from the dog caring. i hope to do similar things with my girl in uk.

  7. Even if you paid too much for the chairs, you probably helped someone that needed the money and that's a good thing, right? Those dogs are soooo adoptable looking :) I bet you will have one in the new house!!

  8. the chairs are a great buy i think, here they would probably be quite a bit higher (even on craig's list). and i love what karen said.
    oh that painting. my mother was an artist and somehow my sister and i only have one of her paintings, we still wonder where the rest got off to. i'm glad you got this one to remind you of the one that got away. a stick in your knitting, hee hee.

    hi rocky hi parker! good boy!

  9. I love how you've been volunteering. What a centering, purposefully-distracting way to give back to your new community. I hope your new vintage red lady spark some better, beautiful childhood memories.
    So, how's exploring going? Have you found out where the best park, best library, best cup of coffee, best slice of pizza is?

  10. YAY! I like the chairs. They look solid and like they will wear very well.
    Relax, grab that knitting (and the stick?) and have some tea. Sit down in your chair and gaze at your new art. You did it! YOu moved into a place!

  11. you are rocking the transition, woman! sweet chairs and the painting is awesome! hang on for these next nine days and keep loving those dogs....i see one in your very near future!

  12. You did it. You followed your dreams, a path that is usually messy and overwhelming. Oh, the wall of boxes! I am not a fan of the unpacking. In fact we have lived in our house for over 5 years and I still think I have a box or two still unpacked (shame on me)
    Somehow Cory would have gotten the chairs for free.
    The painting back-story hurts my heart. Hopefully your new one will bring some healing.
    And I love the volunteering at the animal shelter, I will look into that for my boys.
    I am so excited to watch your journey thank you for sharing. xoxo

  13. We have very similar chairs, like Tracey we have painted them, we've got two blue and two orange right now. The doggies are sweet, so great you are volunteering with the kiddos!

  14. Have a good weekend. Keep looking out of the positive window :)

  15. Wow, rocky is so cute ~ he'd fit right in with our dogs, who enjoy nibbling wood as well. (We might get a third dog one of these days, if one finds us!)

    As for the thrifting finds, if you think the price is right, and it calls to you, then it's a good buy! Thrifting, I think, is all about the adventure and the fun of it.

  16. I know how you feel about regretting letting go of something that you realize later you still want - but hopefully whoever has that painting is enjoying it as much as your family did.

    Keep thrifting!


  17. That's awesome that you guys are volunteering; It's the quickest way to stop worry about your own problems isn't it? Helping someone else (animals DO count) with theirs. Wonderful! I love the chairs also.

  18. Looks like you having fun with your thrifting. Those dogs are so very cute. Sounds like Boulder is sitting really right with you all. Jacinta x

  19. Funny, I sold some chairs just like those in a garage sale when I left Colorado, though mine were a maple color instead of white. I love the white, and love that you're having these exciting finds. Before you know it, this time will have passed and you'll be unpacked and organized in your new space. I hope you keep enjoying those beautiful dogs in the meantime :)

  20. What great finds!! And the picture is such a sweet reminder of the one you used to have....may it bring happiness!


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