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Friday, April 27, 2012

Keeping it Real

I feel the fog lifting in my brain and there is no doubt that it is directly connected to the amount of clutter I have cleared. Clutter is so congesting and living in it for the past 3 weeks definitely messed with my mojo. But I can see the finish! I can see the floors! I can walk without tripping over anything! It feels good to breathe again. Happy to be joining in with Monica and friends for Keeping it Real today....

both kids with bronchitis, day 4
missing mom
finding a crack in our brand new bed
running out of dark chocolate
the E.R. bill from a couple weeks ago 
humidifiers that don't work
the stress that can wedge between two

a much needed date night tomorrow
poppies blooming
neighbors bearing welcome champagne :)
cuddles with sick babes
friends with kind and wise words
reading again
cooking with music and a glass a wine
The Lumineers:

Flowers In Your Hair by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

Wishing you fresh air and a clear head, have a beautiful weekend! 


  1. I've been missing you MJ and am so glad to see your post, although I am sorry to read about your sick babies, no chocolate and missing mom, and a cracked new bed [can you return it?].
    Your neighbors sound wonderful and having a date night to look forward to is always a good thing.

  2. lovely! <3


  3. Wow, feelin' ya with those sick babies, but it does afford snuggle time. That wedge? Know that all too well.
    Poppies, I love poppies and date nights. I am glad you have kind neighbors, gives a new place icing. The song, love it! But I kinda had a feeling I would :) I have missed you MJ. Have a great weekend full of love, connecting, healing and peace.

  4. Sending good health to the little ones and enjoy that date night. We have made it back to Colorado and just went through a yucky sickness with the oldest. Yes I understand the wedge - it grows and shrinks with life. I looking forward to it shrinking with the dear one soon. Have a wonderful weekend and we need to meet up once the kiddos are healthy!!!!xoxxo

  5. Ack I hope everyone is on the mend soon, but the upside is all of the slow time and cuddle time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the illnesses and the ER bill.
    Wow, real live poppies! I always have a hard time believing they exist.

  6. I hope your children feel better soon. When we used humidifiers they never worked either!

  7. sick babes and those wedges. darn them!

    yay to cooking with a glass of wine in hand and to sweet sweet white picket fences.

    enjoy some fun this weekend friend.

    oh i'm getting the mr to listen to that song. just his thing i think.

  8. Love you, MJ. Hope the bronchitis and the stress show themselves the door. ;)

  9. Hooray for beginning to feel more grounded again. Thanks for the music link. I'm in desperate need of some new tunes.

  10. ya. what a wonderful post.
    I love that photo. your yard? to die for!
    what was the ER? Did I miss something??? Dang it!
    Glad you are settling in.
    you've been thru so much!
    big big love,

    1. No, not our yard, but I love the white pickets too!!

  11. You have so much going on at once! I'm glad to hear you've had a chance to breathe in the midst of it all. The poppies are breathtaking, and friendly new neighbors are a wonderful thing. Wishing the kids healing, and you still more time to stop and breathe. I've been noticing that stress wedge far too much lately myself...

  12. Beautiful! I love your poppies! the gate - all of it- hope the kiddos get well soon! glad to see you getting settled. :) welcome home!

  13. Hooray for making it out of the clutter, MJ! I know exactly what you mean about it messing with your mojo. I'm trying to make my way out myself (and I don't even have a move to blame).

    Listening to the Lumineers as I write this. THANK you. I always love your music links, MJ. You brought me to Bon Iver and for that I'll always be grateful.

    I hope your kids are feeling much, much better. I hope your date night was beautiful. And I hope the days coming your way are as sweet and smooth and fine as they can possibly be. :)

  14. You continue to inspire me with your gentle acceptance of the hard stuff. Hope your little guys get better soon xx

  15. Oh, those beautiful poppies are sunshine to my soul...

    Clearing the clutter is so refreshing and grounding, too. Have a wonderful week!

  16. hard to stare into a poppy full of sunshine without breaking into a smile, isn't it?
    hope the harder things are easing up a bit~

    cheers from NC

  17. Farewell, clutter! Hello, space! I'm glad you're feeling lighter these days.

    I love the new header!



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