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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I see you :). I am alive, buried alive that is, in 240 boxes that arrived from FL a couple days ago. Just when I believed we had sold most of our things, suddenly I feel as if we sold nothing. How can we accumulate so much stuuuufff?!! We will be having a garage sale soon, and I can only hope someone else will find their own treasures in what we decide to toss. Speaking of treasure, see this tin can? This awesome tin can that says "Tout Au Beurre" which means "all butter" (thanks Hublove for translatin') and is also a bakery in Paris? It was 99 cents at the local Good Will. And this ma friends is how we go accumulatin' stuuuffff in our lives, because we see treasure in someone else's crap  collection, and because we can find eensy weensy bits of pleasure in the darndest places. Thank goodness for that!!!!

On another note, I just wanted to tell you that I'm tired of corrugated cardboard, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, but there is good news. My mama is flying in tonight for the weekend and this tired feeling of mine has turned a bit sassy and spunky amongst all this bizinesssss. So, until I come up to breathe again, and I promise it will be soon, hug your mamas, your friends and your babies and your little fuzzy animal friends because nothing beats a hug when you're feeling run down!!!

Joining the Lady Cordelia in her Thrifty Thursday...


  1. Nice to *see* you! Hang in there ... this too shall pass (the cardboard and bubble wrap ... but remember .. they are both good for ART) .... !!!!!!!!!!! ??!!

  2. hey sweet lady!!!!
    love your intelligence on thrifting.
    " this ma friends is how we go accumulatin' stuuuffff in our lives, because we see treasure in someone else's crap collection, and because we can find eensy weensy bits of pleasure in the darndest places. Thank goodness for that!!!!"

    Darn straight! And gee, you look terrific for being so busy and overwhelmed with unpacking.

  3. p.s.
    I am just staring at your cool find today. LOVING IT!

  4. Haven't been by for a while now, it's nice to 'see' you!
    Moving is heaps stressful, and yes, the packing. Oh my goodness, the packing.
    We just moved end of last year, and I'm sure I had meltdowns every other day for the better part of two months. I hope it all goes as smoothly as is possible for you.
    And yes, hugs are the best when you're feeling exhausted and swamped.
    Ronnie xo

  5. That lady is my hero. And you're pretty kewl yerself :)

  6. Hey girl! So glad to know you are still hanging in. Love your tin, I mean c'mon that lady kicks a@#. Oh thank goodness for mamas. So glad your's is coming to your rescue. Have a great weekend. xo

  7. I'm there with you...I really MUST stop thrifting. But if I were in Boulder...well, I don't think I could help myself. Wishing you luck and joy as you uncover some of your own boxed/shipped-from-FL treasures in the coming weeks.

  8. Hello beautiful, lady. So wonderful to see you.
    Hope you've gotten a big hug from your mama.

  9. oh i'm so good at accumulating that crap, er, treasure. good to see you :)

  10. i hope the cardboard is soon a memory! how lovely your mom is coming. :)

  11. i am glad you are settling in. it sounds like it is all working out!

  12. oh man, love that woman on the tin! and seeing you!
    and the new header. awww

    nothing like packing/moving to question the Stuff. i'm currently ridding ourselves of a few last bits.mostly we only have what we really want, but still so many things to put away! (my hobbies are the main culprit lol)

    (i would have gone for 'all butter', although 'while butter' is nicely surreal)

    1. You are right Mon! Thanks and corrected (somehow I heard while butter instead of all butter--goes to show yelling across the house is not the best way to communicate ha!)

  13. It's always a special treat when you show us that face of yours! Our boxes are being packed up and loaded on a container in a few days, and I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing those boxes again on the other side. Good riddance, I say! ;) Enjoy your mama!

  14. Oh I love your self portrait -- good to see you come up for air just a bit! :) Sending all good things your way as you un-bury from all of those boxes -- 240, oh my!!

  15. And another thought...it is almost a gift to you that you have just received those boxes. Since you've been living without those things for a bit of time, as you unpack them, you will really KNOW whether or not they are items that enliven your soul, or that you will really need. I imagine you will be able to part much more easily with "things" as you unpack the boxes, than when you were packing them!

  16. Hey I would have bought that tin too! What a beautiful self-portrait. Enjoy your mom! Good luck getting your yard sale going! I wish I were there to scoop some of it up. :)

  17. I'm so happy you're still alive!! ;) Glad your mama is coming to help offset some of the cardboard craziness.

    happy weekend, MJ!


  18. Such cool tin...and your new header is just so sweet.

    You wouldn't know how stressed you are judging by your pretty face. Enjoy your mummy and relax - the boxes will unpack themselves eventually! ;)

  19. Hang in there dear one! It's all boxes and bubble wrap here too. We can tackle it! Much love, E


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