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Friday, May 25, 2012


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, no matter how kind we are, or how open and communicative we believe ourselves to be, we come across people that have no desire to reciprocate.

I can honestly say that this has never happened to us as a family before, and I don't know how to deal with it. It's that part of me that wants everyone to get along like one big happy bunch. And at the core, it's that part of me that wants everyone to like me, like my husband, like my children. Sometimes, even with all the logic and rationale that I can muster to tell myself that it isn't us, that we have done our best to offer our unfettered selves without fear, regret or falsehood, I still hunt scrutinously for the remedy, the cure, and the magic to make it all better. Truthfully I want to be angry, I want to be spiteful, I want to be mean. Truthfully, I just want to know why.

Sometimes, the answers just aren't there. We have to understand that there is nothing we can do except to continue to be kind, open, patient, caring, and forgiving. There are things in this world that better deserve our attention than our bruised egos, things that we can be truly grateful, happy and enthusiastic about:

like the fact that there are pink peonies growing in my back yard
that we are leaving for France is 3 days,
that my children are officially out of school today
that I will have some time alone with my husband
that we are meeting new friends for drinks this evening
that I will get to finish my book on this trip
that I still believe that love and compassion is the best way

Cheers and have a great weekend


Keeping it Real....


  1. I would say their loss. Enjoy all you have going on and coming up. I simply can't wait to read about and see pics of your France trip. :)

  2. Acceptance is something I have always craved my whole life and when it's not given back I am stunned. I love people, all people and can not understand others not feeling the same way. I'm sorry MJ that there are people in this world who just don't get it, it makes me sad for them because I think you are totally awesome and their world would be so much nicer if they realized that. I am honored to say you're my friend. Have a wonderful time tonight, tomorrow and all the days that follow! Much love.xx

  3. I can totally relate to your post. It has happened recently to my husband and I and it is difficult, especially when we have no clue why people sometimes act the way they do. It is good that you are focusing on positive upcoming events, because, if we allow it to, a difficult relationship can overwhelm our thoughts as we try to understand the un-understandable. Thanks for this post. Have a great trip to France!

  4. Oh this is so me. It troubles me to no end when someone doesn't like me or mine. It hurts my little feelers :-(

  5. funny... i have lately come across some of these same kinds of people. sometimes i think it's just poor manners. maybe they weren't raised with any. compassion is best. i think most people are just unawares for us aware types.

  6. yep, i guueeessss love and compassion is the best way. that's not to say it's easy though. The reality is that if they don't want to "be your friends", then they're not the type of people you could connect with either.


  7. amazing isn't it. i think you're wonderful, so do many others, and yet someone out there doesn't feel the same.

    i have spent most of my life baffled and hurt. i figured that if i were a decent person there was no reason why someone would dislike. but i learnt, the very hard way, that this view was completely egocentric.
    everyone has their story, their journey.

    i think that having nobody think badly towards me means i'm living a too tame life. people who live on the edge, dangerously, who prod and provoke, who question, always incite mixed opinions.

    jesus, princess diana, ghandi - all had enemies. i consider myself in good company. ;)

    p.s, just add link to my home page, rather than the post.

  8. The older I get the more I notice how people are different! Sometimes you meet people and everything clicks and sometimes it just does not happen. I find it is never about "me". It's about "them". I am open and caring and welcome any friendship. I think others are closed to new relationships. Have a safe fun trip :)

  9. Yes, sometimes we can never understand "why". Life just is and we have to accept it. Know that you are liked and the people that do like you are good people. We all need to surround ourselves with good people :). Keep on being who you are full of love and compassion. Thank you so much for your comment, it really brightened my day! Have a fabulous time in France, soak up all the goodness and history. You have to check out the Spanish Quarter in Paris, if you have time... xo

  10. ISending your family lots of love.... Imagine we are all pieces of a puzzle and some pieces just don't fit, no matter which way to turn the piece round. It's ok not to fit with every last person on earth. It's like oil and water or chalk and cheese. You have found your polar opposite - someone has to be it!!! It doesnt negate who you are, you are still lovely and kind and all those things X

  11. Oh, I know this feeling. I don't even want to know how many hours I've spent trying to figure out why certain people don't like me. The conclusion I've come to is that people who don't want to reciprocate, often can't. Somewhere along the line, they didn't get the love and compassion they needed and it damaged them. So I wholeheartedly agree that your belief of practicing love and compassion is the best way to move forward in this situation and really, all situations. You're a wise woman MJ. Have a great time in France!

  12. Yes, I think we have all been there at some point. It is never easy. I always try to keep it positive. I gave it shot and that's the important thing. Sometimes it takes someone time if they aren't used to love and compasssion. What is important is that you showed it.


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