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Friday, July 13, 2012


Instantly... friendship.
A generous gift of childhood
When geography is the catalyst
And willingness, the main ingredient...

A simpler day when friends were found
just outside the front door,
and play meant all afternoon
until the summer sun sinks behind the far far away...

So go ahead, put on your dragon cape,
wear your tiger skin, and don't forget your tail.
Play all day if you like.
I'll be right here watching,
wondering about my own instant friendships
that existed long ago...

Japan, July 1976.  Dedicated to Chris and Tanya (far left and far right), who I wouldn't
have known their names if it weren't for the inscription on the
back of this old photo (my brother and me in the middle).
And one more thing!! 
The WINNER of the French tea giveaway (by random.org) is:
Comment #10
Mama White Elk!!
Congrats Mama!!
Please email me your address!!!

Happy weekend to you all..



  1. congrats mama white elk!

    and those childhood friendships are instant and magical and fueled on sunshine and sweat and laughter, it's the best of stuff.

  2. OMG! I never win anything! I am so excited!!!
    Childhood is the most magical time and those connections are priceless.

  3. Childhood friendships are magical. This post made me remember some of my BFFs from long ago. Thanks and have a good weekend.

  4. Congratulations to Mama White Elk. I was thinking yesterday about one of the friends I had in grade school and wondering what she is doing today. Wonderful post.

  5. I love this! So glad to see friendships are blossoming there :) Hooray for Jess, too! I forgot to enter, but I don't mind because she deserves it ;)

  6. This is awesome, love it. Making me think of my friends from days gone by...oh the fun we had.

  7. "and play meant all afternoon
    until the summer sun sinks behind the far far away..."
    that's the childhood i remember.

    LOVE the 1976 photo!!

  8. I love your cape! You look like you could take on the world and the smile is so beautiful!!

    1. Oh goodness, I wish I was that cute when I was little, that is my daughter in that photo with the dragon cape :)!

  9. What a sweet sentiment, and so true and so beautifully said. Youth is such a special and precious time. Love the photo of you and your forgotton friends too..fab! x

  10. too sweet, darling!
    your kids will have such great remembrances of their littleness!

  11. I love the precious friendships of childhood. This is a lovely post!

  12. Love those easy friendships of childhood. Your brother is seriously rocking that Big Wheel.

  13. LOVE that picture of you and your brother and your friends - looks so familiar.

    I love watching my boys take up with new friends!



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