"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Yesterday, I was driving down Pearl St. here in Boulder, as I often do, when something new came into vision and caused me to brake impulsively. Knowing I had my cameras, all I wanted to do was capture and absorb what I had seen.

Monarch Dragon (shot with sx-70, i.p. color shade cool)
Sometimes little stories, anecdotes, dreams, or messages arise from things that captivate me, just as it should. I find myself daydreaming often, propelled by the lessons that currently seek to merge with my conscious mind. Most of these messages are deeply personal, but today I am struck by an awareness that these messages may not be just for me, that they are for anyone struggling to find their most powerful creative voice.

I am not alive if I cannot lose myself in the mesmerizing space between this earthly place and the ethereal home of my soul.

I wander aimlessly at times, too aimlessly for my own good. But it is here in these imaginations that I find inspiration and a call to be something more than the serious and humanly woman that I am.

I am the shadow, the tiny crumb of earth covered in flesh, wanting nothing more but to fly amidst the dragons in their full, fiery splendor. I am called, yet I am rooted, and seek desperately for a blade to slice the strings that hold me firmly planted to this place.

A voice echoes from within, "Stop wandering dear girl, and build tirelessly the wings that will fly you to the realm you seek. Keep your head to the sky and sink not into the comforts of escape that will most assuredly want to envelope you. Turn these burning desires into the fuel that you feed upon, let them guide and lift you intuitively, until naturally, you become the thing you are meant to be."

Too long have I lived in the shadowy darkness of longing, of wishing, of wondering. Too long have I been frozen and too afraid to unleash the deep, inner workings of my creative soul. No one should be so starved. Not me, not you, not anyone.  Leave the shadow behind and don the wings that were meant for you and only you. Bring to life your purpose, your gifts, your passion, and hide in the darkness no more.


Thank you for letting me share this message with you,


ps. I recently submitted and was accepted into words to shoot by's most recent collaboration~ water. I am utterly honored and hope you stop by to visit everyone's submissions :).


  1. Powerful and a much needed reminder. Congrats on the new collaboration. Looking forward to following along. x, k

  2. Beautiful! WOW, Congrats on the collaboration, the submissions are incredible.

  3. Amazing words my friend. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your wonderful achievement with Words to Shoot by, fantastic.

  4. such powerful and soul-filled words! No, no one should be so starved. Feed your fire and let your light shine, friend.

    I've never heard of WTSB, love the concept. Congrats on being a contributor!


  5. "Too long have I lived in the shadowy darkness of longing, of wishing, of wondering. Too long have I been frozen and too afraid to unleash the deep, inner workings of my creative soul. No one should be so starved. Not me, not you, not anyone. Leave the shadow behind and don the wings that were meant for you and only you. Bring to life your purpose, your gifts, your passion, and hide in the darkness no more."

    tears. tears. and a shaking of my soul.

  6. "Too long have I lived in the shadowy darkness of longing, of wishing, of wondering." I hear you. thanks for sharing this.

  7. Holy buckets, what an amazing spiritual statement. Yes, we are "ethereal." Yes, we are "a tiny crumb of earth." A seeming dualism.

    In a dualistic world, we of course seek that blade that can cut the strings tying us down here. We know where our true Home is, and long to return there.

    Is it possible, though, that the universe isn't dualistic, but only presents itself that way to our meager perceptions? I think you're onto something here, when you talk about that "mesmerizing space" between the two. That *might* be a point between dualities. Might it instead, though, be a place of consciousness from which we can perceive the unity, the wholeness, that contains both? Might it be the point where we can see the creator and the created, both of which are us?

    Hmmmm...are we both the boy and the dragon?

    If so, it seems like it might be easier to drop the fear, drop the striving, allow ourselves to just be.

    We'll get there.

    1. Oh my wouldn't it be easier? Then I could quit right now and just be happy and pleased with everything that I am. And perhaps on many levels I am satisfied. Ultimately though, I believe I am a soul having a human experience, and this human experience tells me that I am not finished (none of us are really :). There will always be more pain, more fear, more want and desire, more joy, more laughter, more learning, more growing, more striving, because it is, I believe, why we are here. I think that mesmerizing space is a reminder, an ideal, an inspiration, a touchstone, a sanctuary, and a source--it's whatever we need it to be, to make this experience as full, rich, passionate and as creative as we want to make it. We are both the boy and the dragon, but how many of us truly know this? And if we do know this? How often do we use those wings?

      As always Jeff, thanks..

    2. It's always a bad idea to continue these conversations...and yet here I go.

      Yes, of course we are souls experiencing the human endeavor. "Angels in earth-suits" goes the cliché. And of course we will continue to grow through our experiences. When I say "just be," I don't mean settle onto our self-satisfied laurels. I mean be our natural selves. The natural state of the human being is not sated nor satisfied. Our natural state (as you clearly communicate week after week) is learning and growing and becoming. I suppose that is because, indeed, we as humans are "not finished" yet. But the fear is never correct: "I am not enough." And the striving, really, is just another version of the same thing: "I'm still not enough."

      The true part of us is complete and whole and, yes, finished. Sure: along the path, we will laugh and cry and worry and elate. We're still engaged in the day-to-day drama. But, in the end, the story has already been told. The boy has learned from the dragon to fly.

      Starting from that piece of knowledge, we can settle back and enjoy the ride, no? It's like a favorite novel that we read once again, already knowing the ending: we still savor the complications along the way, as if they were real, even as the denouement is known.

      I want to hear more about that inner voice of yours. It seems very wise, and even poetic :)

      You are so brave.

      The boy-child has learned from the dragon to fly
      He gives up his worries and shoots toward the sky
      His mind asks him questions but he gives no reply
      He is whole, He is strong
      He can't but belong
      He is him, he is God, he is I.

      But what do I know? I'm just a beginner, here.

      Be well.

    3. Truly a wordsmith you are, and as always i am humbled and grateful for the words that you offer here. If you are a beginner, I am much the fledgling...

      thank you my friend

  8. Powerful words, friend. Love your creative honesty. And I checked out WTSB -- how cool. I love your triptic.

  9. cool mj! good for you! it's just the beginning for you and your well written words - your experience, your soul, in print.

  10. you are in such a ripe, ripe place. your soul and heart are growing by leaps and bounds and i love reading about it.

  11. Congratulations! Your words are tremendously full and powerful. "Too long have I been frozen and too afraid to unleash the deep, inner workings of my creative soul". I know this, have known it for a long time. Though I feel that we all go through seasons during our lives. I have been lost in winter for two or more years. Just this weekend during the Autumn Equinox did I feel alive and that it was like spring. My soul had been reawakened. Yes, feel alive, create and be! xo

  12. beautiful journeying, and beautifully put. i look forward to watching you soar. i ought to say, soar further, i think you already soar.

    i always enjoy WTSB, wish i could contribute one day.

  13. I agree with Mon. I think I am safe in saying we all see you as: creative, honest, amazing, and living your dreams fully.
    After being a faithful reader for years, let me shine some perspective on you: you're doing it.

  14. Beautiful! It is so lovely and quite an honor to find you in this place, your soul words such a gift to be treasured. Thank you for this enormous gift you have given us. I can feel the wings lifting as you write and it's in this fearlessness that these same wings spread over others.....thank you. XO

  15. this post means the world to me. i am in the process of building my wings. i have an idea of what my life will look like in my head, and i try to force it to be that way. ultimately, it doesn't go my way and i get frustrated. so i am letting go of the details, and just focusing on building my wings. that's all i can do or have to do.

    thank you for writing.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw