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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All is calm

I haven't woken to a white Christmas in probably 30 years. It was magical for all of us and we spent half the morning making fresh tracks in newly fallen snow with sleds and snowshoes. I will say it was strange not being with the entire family on this day. It was even stranger not to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a lovely Christmas meal for the family. I missed that part, very much. With that said, hearing the boy say "Best Christmas ever!!" was a wonderful way to start the day.

I hope your holidays have been just as beautiful if not more...

Joining Bella and 52 Photos Project for this week's gallery "All is Calm"....



  1. great video!! lol....i LOVe tobogganing!!

    happiest and merriest of wishes to you and yours...


    ps. my kids proclaim each successive Christmas as the Best One Ever...which is the greatest of gifts to me. ever. ;)

  2. whata fab photo. hardly looks like snow to me.

    we don't do xmas until the 7th, so nothing to report. but those words from your son are all that matters.

    no snow here, and Miss4 i think is beginning to forget it's possible.

  3. At first I thought it was the beach! Happy Boxing Day!

  4. beautiful. here the snow disappeared just in time for christmas :)

  5. Ah snow! Magical fluffy wonder is what it is. xo

  6. There's nothing I love more than playing in the snow. :)

  7. Perfect. Nothing beats snow. So, so happy for you to sink your cold toes into it this season.

  8. all is bright!
    oh snow
    how I love thee!!!!
    no snow here...it came and went
    we live in the rain forest of the Pacific North West : (
    but alas
    it was till bright : )

    many blessing to you this season Miss MJ!

    love and light

  9. A truly peaceful scene.
    Happy New Year!


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