"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Friday, February 22, 2013


I looked for lots of pretty pictures to describe harmony. Beautiful colors that melt into each other, lines that draw the eyes and depths of fields that make us sigh. A Steller's Jay is a gorgeous bird isn't it? The way its black head and neck just fades into a cobalt blue. 

But my mind keeps going back to another picture I took this past weekend. One of a dead and decaying tree. Bare boned, a shriveled skeleton. It must have been grand on it's finest day. Even now, as it lay lifeless and exposed, it's presence can't be denied. Still large, still looming, still...just still...

The merry-go-round, the yin and the yang, life, death, together, even in these pictures, every single one...

Harmony is here.

Joining Bella for 52 Photos Project...

Wishing you a weekend of seeing and believing...



  1. gorgeous! i love the beauty in the starkness too. that jay is unbelievable, i am glad you told us what it is because i was about to ask, the colors just gorgeous!

  2. you know me i think, to know it's the tree, and such other worn and raggedness, that i'm drawn towards first.

    seeing, believing... and packing ;)

  3. My daughter's name is Harmony : ) We are blessed to see "harmony" in new ways ever since she was born!

  4. Oh that jay is beautiful. So is this post :)

  5. oh, but i like the tree photo best of all...(the others are very lovely, but...)

    i see that skeleton tree and i pause to honour it's life and then marvel at it's whole new purpose as a habitat...even in death, it supports the life of another -- so yeah, i see an even more resonant harmony in that photo.


  6. so great to consider harmony from different perspectives. that tree is something special...

  7. I like how you see things around you. You inspire me ;)

  8. these are all beautiful. happy sunday xxo

  9. Hi mj, I always like your comments on lori's blog and I'm glad to arrive here for a harmonious post . Essential beauty in both life and death, growth and decline. That 'dead' tree shows that; thanks for it



  10. I love visiting your world

    love and light

  11. Love the tree! Though everything in this post is filled with peace - your words and images. xo


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