"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Words are few in this space these days. I find that the more I write in my journal the less I write here. Whether that's good or not doesn't matter I suppose, as long as the words that mingle in my brain find an exit hatch somewhere. I'm also skywatching endlessly. Clouds have been my muse and I never tire of them. The last photo is of a Florida sunset when we were there last week for Thanksgiving. I do miss those....FL sunsets, I mean.

But here in Boulder today, it's more like this:

It's strangely quiet and bleak, there is no wind, and the air has razor sharp teeth that dives deeply for bone. We are in for a big storm tonight, perhaps up to 15 inches of snow. We will hit lows below zero and highs only in the teens over the next few days. There is nothing like a fierce winter storm to wake up the nerves and charge the senses. All the moisture my skin collected while 9 days in FL has now been sucked dry by this Colorado air.

Damn, and I am still so happy to be here...

Happy December friends...



  1. I am a cloud watcher too, I could sit and watch them all day. Beautiful photos.

  2. Enjoy a little snow for me okay? I am headed out Thursday and my fingers are crossed that I will see a few flakes while I am away.

  3. Enjoy the storm MJ, although I am longing for warm beaches and sunshine. Clouds are amazing to watch - so fascinating. Love the photos!!!!
    Chey xoxo

  4. oh no. stay warm and safe. your photos are beautiful. and I'm glad to hear that you found an outlet for your words and thoughts xxx

  5. so much quiet these days. but i feel a tingle, probably ready for after the solstice...

  6. Exit hatches of any sort are a very good thing. Love the clouds. That florida photo has something very lonely about it, I can't describe it.

  7. Quietness means recharging and discovering the depths, which is quite lovely. Love the new header photo - just perfect. xoxo

  8. nice to see you here. miss you!
    have fun skywatching dear MJ.

  9. beauty and words -- whether here or in handwriting for you alone. All good.

  10. the sky is a magnificent mystery...
    happy Dec. to you too my friend

    love and light

  11. Oh my word. These photos are pure magic. "the air that has razor sharp teeth digging deeply for bone." Wow, woman. Just wow. XO


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~ George Bernard Shaw