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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creative adventures

In the spirit of Handmade Holiday, we are continuing our adventures in handmaking gifts. Here is one of our most recent, adapted from Family Fun's Bowling Boys.

So I promised my friend over at Lady Cordelia, I would post my adventures in yarn. She inspired me with this hilarious post about knitting her hat, to crochet my own. So here it is C, my crocheted hat from a pattern. Unfortunately, I couldn't do without one. Maybe one day...

P.S. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  1. Beautiful! You and that hat! And so envious you had luck with following a pattern so well fight off the bat. ; )

  2. Your too kind! I do want to learn to knit though and I feel that urge that it will be sooner than later!


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~ George Bernard Shaw