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Sunday, December 19, 2010

More goodies...

I can't help but share some more fun goodies I have discovered this past week.

First, I came across a really terrific blog Spider Woman Knits. It's fun, down to earth, creative and I enjoy reading all things about their farm-- especially the alpacas and chickens!!! I fell in love with alpacas on this trip and aspire to have some of our own one day, but I digress in me-talk.  Once again, I am awe-inspired. Thank you Abi for sharing your family, farm and adventures. It is such a pleasure to meet you!!

In the realm of Etsy, I found these by Lemon Tree Studio. 

There are many memory match games on Etsy, but what I loved about these were the colors, the stamps themselves, and the handmade drawstring bags they came in.  She also has an Eco and Into the Wild Edition which I LOVE and wasn't there when I shopped.  Thanks Shelly for these sweet games!

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  1. you are so sweet.....i am honored to be a part of your blog!! happy holidays!


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