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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vote for The Planet and Giveaway!!

Okay, so it isn't often that I write about my husband and his work. But today, I am going to be shameless about this and plug away as we have entered a contest!

My husband has his own shop where he designs and creates his own posters. We have tried to be super eco responsible about this by printing on 100% post consumer recycled papers, as well as print with soy and vegetable inks. Today, I wanted to showcase "The Planet" as we have we entered this poster at  Core 77's Design Contest. Would you consider voting for "The Planet"?  It is quick, easy, and free to sign up here. We have until January 7 to vote!!

Here's the giveaway part: For anyone that has voted, please come back and leave a comment on this post. I will randomly choose a winner to receive a signed print of "The Planet" after January 7th!!

(Perhaps this is presumptuous of me to even think that more than a few read this blog to do a giveaway. But if that is the case, your chances will be awesome!!)

So, with much humility and appreciation, THANK YOU!!


  1. This print really makes you stop and think in a fantastic way! I consider myself a happy tree hugger and try also to be concious of how the things I do affect the earth. I'm off to vote for you -- it deserves to win!!

  2. Voted and shared I miss you all my friend!!!


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