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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yarn along and make dreams happen

Baby, it is COLD outside!!

Yesterday on one of my daily visits to Wabisabi Mama, I learned about "yarn along", where you join other bloggers in posting what you are knitting/crocheting and what you are reading. The original idea came from Ginny at Small Things, and thus the beauty of the blogging world once again reveals itself. How can I not participate when these two things are such a lovely part of my daily routine!!

This is a traditional Granny Square blanket that I started in October. Thirty squares and three months later, all that is left is attaching the squares. Perfect timing for this 20 degree weather out there...

Life Safari by John Strelecky is a wonderfully quick, easy, and engaging story about a man who goes on safari and meets Ma Ma Gombe, who teaches him the importance of dreams and knowing your "big five for life". 

Here is a simple question with perhaps not a simple answer. What are the top five things in your life that you want passionately to do/learn/be/experience-- things that would enable you then to describe your life as having been successful (how ever you define success)? Then, what are you doing daily to meet those five things? Who are you talking to to help you find or achieve those five things? In his book, he explains that every single person in your life plays a role in helping you learn what your Big Five are, as well as in helping you achieve them. It is a thought provoking probe as uncovered by John when he went on his life changing safari to Africa.  I do recommend this book to anyone, whether you feel stuck, stalled, or just would love some inspiration. 

One of my big five (and hub's too), is moving to the mountains and having our own land and animals, and living sustainably and responsibly. It did take awhile, but we are almost there. What took so long was not not knowing what our dream was, but making the decision to make it happen. Our dream together started 12 years ago, our decision to make it happen, only 4 months ago. So, what are your Big Five?  If you want to share just one of yours in the comments, please do, I would LOVE to read them!!

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