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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Soul of Sunday

A Sunday tradition started by Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic:

"a space for moments,
or entire days of Shine"

What to do on a Sunday? Send a kamikaze Legoman on a makeshift catapult to destroy green army men blocking the pantry door. 

What did you do today?

Hope you had a beautiful weekend :)...


  1. Nice!! :D

    ' Reminds me of the catapult we got out the other day to knock the knights off the castle walls!

    I'm hoping for a little bird-watching at the aviary, myself... We have actually sunshine today!

  2. that looks like a LOT of fun!!

    We had such a fun day - it was my Dad's birthday, so we had a family meal out in a lovely pub in the middle of the countryside, then a drive, followed by a walk by the sea (from moor to sea in one short journey - how blessed!): then home for cake, presents and playing. All tired now, but there's been happiness all day long!

  3. Ah, the fun of lego! I spent part of my Sunday watching my son take apart and put back together my vacuum. Now if only I could find as much joy using the vaccum as he does! Jacinta

  4. Hehehehehe! This has to be hands down one of the reasons I hope I get to raise a boy! I can so see myself enjoying every second of creativity like this!! Enjoy!

  5. Love the creativity! This is one means of reusing a cardboard tube that I had not thought of ;)

    We spent our Sunday sleeping in, hiking, attempting to catch up on laundry, and making pizza :)


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~ George Bernard Shaw