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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Stephanie over at Ordinary Life Magic always has such wonderful ideas she shares during her daily unschooling days.  Starting yesterday, she is doing a game giveaway, and has also asked what everyone's top 10 favorite family games are :).  We didn't have to work too hard as they are already stacked here behind me, so here they are!!

1) Scrabble  My 8 and 6 year olds are really awesome at this, there really is no need for the junior edition!!

2) The Amazing Mammoth Hunt A fantastic recommendation from Stephanie, all focusing on geography and animals, the kids love it!

3) Pente  Every household I think should have this strategy game, easy to learn, and great way to stretch the brain.

4) Life  This was one of my favorites growing up and it's so much fun to play with the kids. They especially love getting kids of their own :)!

5) Monopoly  I swear I lose almost every time against my son.   He is thrilled building hotels and having me pay for them.

6)  Rumis  Another great recommendation from Stephanie.   I personally love this building strategy game :).

7)  Uno  Who doesn't love uno?

8)  Yahtzee  Can anyone say multiplication?

9)  Payday  Another game I loved growing up.  Paying bills, waiting for the paycheck, unexpected expenses, and investing.  Did it actually prepare me for doing that today?--Uhhh, the game is so much more fun :).

10)  Checkers No list is complete without checkers :)!

Make sure you head over to OLM and enter her giveaway linked above!   By the way, have I mentioned that learning happens ALL the time??

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