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Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding rhythm

From the fashion show, the Fairy of the Forest talks to us about bugs.
It always take a couple days after returning home to find rhythm again, doesn't it?  I think that's why I love coming home on a Friday, at the start of the weekend. A weekend has a rhythm all its own, and feels as though it gently rocks me back into place. I know we all needed some time to get our groove back.  Homespun joy was not too far off either :). 

Weekend groove:

•Returning home to our own cozy beds
•Homemade soy lattes
•Watching my sweet son find some extra zzzzz's on the hammock
•Enjoying M's multi-personality fashion show
•Catching up with crocheting flowers
•Hanging out at the House of Blues with hubs
•Then seeing this phenomenal band in concert--AWESOME!!
•Mommy and me time with my momma
•Thai food and Tom Yum soup (hot and sour with lemongrass -mmmmm)
•Reading up on all of my favorite blogs :)
•Finishing this fantastic novel and looking to start this one
•Pleasantly surprised at seeing this movie (they didn't massacre the book imho...)
•New sparkly flip flops for summer
•The mechanic telling me there is nothing wrong with my car (yet, anyway)
•Kids learning to love this artist by watching this movie and this one

House of Blues Art

Balcony level House of Blues
Fans packed the floor


Weekending with Amanda...I would love to hear how yours went!!!


  1. I adore the picture of your son in the hammock. Looks like pure bliss. Here we are still in sweatshirts! (CT)

  2. I love the picture ot your son in the hammock! I have been meaning to buy one for my husband-maybe Father's Day. Thai food--Yum. Have a great Monday MJ and glad you made it home safely.

  3. I love the fashion show! So cute...

    Anytime Thai food is involved, I know I'm going to have a great weekend! I try to make my own Tom Yum at home, but it never seems to be as good as in the restaurant...

    You have a lovely blog! I've subscribed!

  4. love the photo of your son in the hammock - so relaxing! didn't you love the thirteenth tale? i read it a few years back and really enjoyed it! looks a great weekend with some yummy eats :)

  5. These are all wonderful photos, but that first one is too much! A frilly dress and a book about bugs? Your children are awesome :) The concert sounds amazing, and I love how you've gently eased back into your rhythm. I hope the week is good to you!

    I also love how you and I seem to read one another's blogs simultaneously. I was just about to write this when I saw your comment ;)

  6. Sounds like a great way to come home. Friday is a great day for it you are so right. We often get home on Sunday evening and hubby has to go strait to work on Monday and the kids and I muddle through getting back into a rhythm at home.

  7. Welcome back. That is a technique to try-coming back on a weekend-a quiet one preferably.
    I do adore Tim Burton and all of his cray-cray, just love it! I got a kick out of the fashion show and love the shots!

  8. Weekend grooves...love them!

    There is a lot of hype about this movie...I think I'll have to see it soon!


  9. Tom Yum soup is awesome!! Oh...and The Friday Night Knitting Club is a great book, but keep a box of tissue handy ;)

  10. You really do have the most beautiful children MJ. Mummy time is so precious, I can't wait to see my mummy again ( you are never too old to need your mummy)
    MJ can I do and interview with you? pretty please with vegan chocolate on top :)
    please email me if you would like too. pangaloon@live.co.uk
    Jo x

  11. Oh how I love coming home. Sounds like a terrific weekend! Love the pics of your little people!

  12. The hammock photo is gorgeous. I love your daughter's fashion sense and taste in books. She would definitely get along with my girls for sure! Looks like you had a lovley weekend indeed. We renovated around the house (Tenneille's room is really close to being finished) and enjoyed the lovely late autumn weather Mother Nature put on for us. Jacinta

  13. I just happily coasted the lovely ride that is this post. You know that feeling? When each photo and each word just make you feel light and good and right, and you click on links and say, Aha! or, Yes! and you see photo after photo that makes you smile… well, that's a sweet gift, and I'm so thankful for it, MJ :)

  14. It always takes such self-control to plan to come home FROM vacation on a Friday...I always want to eke out the most days ON vacation instead. But boy are you right about it helping everyone get back into the swing of things much better than returning home on a Sunday and feeling rushed back into reality!


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