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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Joy Pockets

sunset on Puget Sound

Apple & Bee and their bags

unabashedly painted homes

silence is the loudest kind of noise

mama hugs kitty

Kung-Fu Panda 2 with my babes

finished: 2 knitted washcloths and a crocheted hat

finished: Friday Night Knitting Club and began: Bird by Bird

gettin' down with doodling

Joining Holistic Mama in sharing joy for the week :)...

Have any to share?
xx oo


  1. Oh, those homes are fantastic! I love the shot of your two doodling, and Ginger Lemon Sorbet sounds like the perfect thing right about now, too :)

  2. great images. i loved my time on the sound. those houses make me happy.

  3. love houses like that.
    great doodling shot.

    will you write a review on the book?

  4. So what did you think of Friday Night Knitting Club? You promised to tell!

    Mr P and I love the pictures of the houses. Were they at Puget Sound too? x

  5. Jo--Those houses were in Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle, just down the street from Gasworks :). I found a better picture here:


    I'll have to post about the book soon, but to rate it, I would give it 3 stars :).

  6. What great joy! I'd never seen apple and bee before, how great. And those houses are fabulous, I do love color!

  7. Love those colorful homes! That is practically my palette "inside" my house!

    And Bird by Bird -- such a great book -- enjoy!


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