"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Monday, May 30, 2011

A look inside...

Good morning :)!! It's quiet here right now. Both kids are in bed still sleeping, Hubs is in his office and I am sitting here in my usual spot peering at the screen. I have time. Time to write and share before my babes get up and start climbing on me to say "Let's start our day!!" I've got my coffee and a view of the beautiful outdoors waking with the sun. What I don't have though, is a lot of energy. 

I have to admit that since I've been back from Seattle, the blues have found me for a bit.  I know this about myself. I know that when I get back from somewhere different, somewhere inspiring and beautiful, that I miss it, and that angst and longing for something different resides within for awhile.

And while I have all the skills to remember to be grateful for the spaces that nurture, soothe and calm me now, the images for the spaces that I still dream of, continue to float towards intention and purpose.  As for all that happens in between, some will be savored and some will be swallowed, and that's okay with me for right now :).  Ahh, they are up.  Time to go--time to live, play and learn :)...

much love and a great Monday to you!!

xx oo


  1. Love your words, which always give me comfort.
    I am in the thick of blues, and despite it's seemingly 'negative' association, it is important to feel and acknowlege it.
    I pine for a life off grid, and a wide open forest. I know I will get there one day.
    Our children are the very best 'levelers' they snap you out of a day dream and back into the 'moment' dear souls.
    Have a bright day friend x

  2. Hugs to you Mama. I know that "somewhere over the rainbow" feeling. My wanderlust has set me there many times. Wishing you local love, light and beauty today.

  3. I send my love back your way, MJ! I know that feeling of lingering wanderlust upon returning from somewhere wonderful well. Blessings as you settle back in to the home you love...

  4. MJ, I hope you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone in feeling the way you do. I have to go along with the trend and say I too feel the same. Maybe it's human nature? Regardless, we have a Long Hot Summer and we just need to look ahead ok? Yes, we both need rain so bad! I am so tired of 'that' water hose! Have a wonderful day and enjoy those two beautiful children you have!

  5. I have that same affliction ;-) I know you'll be feeling back to yourself soon - until then, focus on your kids and all the goodness and laughter in your family...I find it helps me settle back in more quickly.

  6. Oh, I know those feelings, too. Right now I am forward dreaming of our upcoming trip to the coast but I always find it so hard to say goodbye to the ocean and return to our land-locked home. Hugs and love to you, MJ!

  7. Your trip photos very much made me want to get out a bit and I'm a total homebody- so that is saying something! Coming home from a trip is often a letdown for most people. It's like it disorients the brain so much (in a wonderful way) and then you forget how you spent day after day at home.
    Time to plan another trip!

  8. the ebbs and flows of our tides, huh?

    i think it matters to find the acceptance in our place, otherwise other places will always make us melancholy upon leaving them. it took me a long time to accept.

  9. I guess you'll just have to come back and visit. I know what you mean, though. It's so hard to come back and slip into the old routine, especially when the vacationing routine is so new, so fun, so adventurous. MAybe it's due in large part to all the unpacking, washing, putting away that follows a trip. Make a Snapfish photo album of your travels. I did that after our last big adventure.

  10. What a wonderful spot that you get to write in...and I love your Monday morning honesty...I imagine the living and playing the kids inspire helped a bit yesterday!

    Best to you as you settle back into life at home.

  11. Great post. I go through the same thing whenever we travel. While I'm away I feel inspired, renewed and alive. I too mourn a little when I get home, always seems that somewhere between the cleaning up of travel stuffs, trying to get back into a rhythm and general chaos all of my inspiration seems to get left behind. Then somehow renewal happens and I start to feel whole again...I so understand MJ.

  12. Brain twins! I have the same feelings after coming home even though I am happy to be back. Love your thinking/writing spot. All of that traveling and dreaming go into making a wonderful life for you and yours!
    Welcome home. Here's to a soft landing. :)

  13. Yes, me too, MJ. I've had those exact blues—I know them well :) They mean I've been somewhere extraordinary. Physically and emotionally. They're kind of beautiful, in a way, these kinds of blues, don't you think? They mean you are connected, to More and to Bigger, to the Whole World and to the people you love who are out in it. I feel like they are our minds saying, Keep this. Keep the picture of this feeling here, close, just a little longer. They are like one of those lingering hugs you get to have, sometimes, with someone you love—neither of you quite willing, just yet, to let go.

    And I have to tell you—I went to your most recent post first, and saw THOSE TREES. And instantly (instantly!) I thought: I want to move to MJ's street. Those were my exact thoughts! So. I know what you mean and how you feel, and I'm sending you a warm, extended hug, dear friend.

  14. I've just finished catching up on all of your Seattle photos and they are so beautiful. It's clear you had a wonderful relationship with that city. Until you meet again, enjoy your living, playing and learning the sunshine state!

  15. Transition, sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it can be a little rough, just let it run its course...there's always something we can learn along the way. : )


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw