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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Postcards II

To the market we go, with my good friend N. keeping an eye out for me.

Beecher's cheese...

The original Starbucks

Puget Sound

...so little time.

Luly Yang

Seattle Downtown Public Library


Thanks N, for this great shot :).

And as if this day wasn't amazing enough, we had the pleasure of meeting Rain and her son from Rainblissed.  So nice to meet and spend time with you Rain!!

Today is our last day, but we have another full day planned.  I won't be back in this space 'till Thursday as we'll be on the plane all day tomorrow.

Bittersweet, endings are... sad to leave but looking forward to catching up on all that's been missed...

much love
xx oo


  1. So absolutely beautiful! You've got me longing for the west coast - only three weeks until we head to (our) west coast. Enjoy the moments in Seattle, the bittersweet of goodbyes and the joy of coming home! xo R

  2. Oh....I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!! :)

  3. Sounds like you have had a great time! I love the buttefly dress!Hope your trip home is a safe one.

  4. simply gorgeous! My sister and husband have been to Seattle a couple of times now, and someday I will go myself I hope!

  5. Great pics! That butterfly dress is amazing. So...does the downtown seattle library have an coffee bar like the Santa Monica one does???? If not, they need to get one! I wish my public library would...

  6. Ah, shucks! The pleasure was all mine, to be sure. Such beautiful postcards. May they bring you fond memories and happiness back home :-) And please do come again!! :-)

  7. It looks fantastic! I'm mentally storing up lots of places I want to visit when I 'finally' visit Seattle.

    I hope you have a safe journey home. x

  8. super beautiful. i love seattle. my bro got married in gasworks park, so those pictures in particular (though all of them are familiar sights) bring back memories for me. glad you're having such beautiful weather!

  9. What a beautiful city. One of my fave movies is Sleepless in Seattle. My only wish is that they showed more of Seattle in the movie.

    And you know, I thought I was the only one to travel far away just to visit the local library! The Vancouver Public library is pretty nice too. : )

    Safe travels,

  10. MJ, that butterfly dress actually made me gasp. Stunning! So are all your other photos. I love love love them. The Gasworks Parks pics are gorgeous too—the one of the three kids walking between the waters is just scrumptious.

    I used to live around the corner from Gasworks Park—we'd meet friends there regularly for Ultimate Frisbee. Now THAT brings me back…!

    I'm so glad you had such a great time, connecting with old friends and new. What a wonderful trip! "See" you back home, MJ :)

  11. Looks like you are all having a great time. Jairah saw the picture of the chillis and said "Oh yummy, eat". Perhaps not for him but I love chillis. Enjoy your last day. Jacinta

  12. BEAUTIFUL shots! What a fantastic tour of Seattle. That dress is amazing!

  13. I'm loving your pictures! Such beautiful colors. Isn't the downtown library amazing!? Have you been to the arboretum? I love it!

  14. wow, it all looks wonderful. Loved that fruit stall, it just made my mouth water! And those chillis - good enough to make a bouquet with.

    But that dress - the butterfly dress - it's just breathtakingly awesome.

    It certainly looks as though you all had the best times in Seattle (always been a place I would like to visit, maybe one day). Have a safe trip home and look forward to hearing from you again once you have found your feet

  15. YAY! What a wonderful trip you're on. Thanks for keeping us along with you.

  16. oh these pictures are so fantastic! You must be having a great time!

  17. ah, the monarch dress is stunning. so appropriate for the quote on your blog, too! looks like you are having fun on your trip. you are truly blessed mj. thanks for sharing your happy moments.

  18. i love your photos!! + that butterfly dress is killing me! how gorgeous....


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