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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along ~ Keep the flow

Another fine Wednesday with Ginny's Yarn Along :).

Remember that cute little hat I was working on last week? I had only about 3 or 4 rows left when I noticed it. Two dropped stitches in two different places leaving two lovely, gaping holes.  And so it goes, yes?  I unraveled it all, row by row 'till I was down to a crumpled pile of yarn.

The lesson? Cuz you know there is always a lesson.  Keep the flow baby. I could cry over crumpled yarn or I could go on with something else, and I have. Honey arrived as if right on cue to comfort me with a little a sweetness and softness. A little gnome in my home ordered up a hat, which of course is found in this lovely book. No introduction necessary right? And the flow keeps right on going :)...

I finished Woman in White. Loved it. With a surprise ending that came much earlier than the end of the book, it was quickly followed by more mystery, excitement, and finally redemption. It is a long read, but I will tell you my secret to prolific reading if you promise not to judge me too harshly. Audiobooks. (And I know I'm not the only one <wink>). Without audiobooks, there is absolutely no way I could "read" as many stories as I have.  There is such pleasure in listening to a fabulous story while sewing or knitting.  I still love the presence and feel of paper of course, but the single task nature of paperback is saved for permissive, lazy days, which I am always on the look out for too :).

Three Tales of My Father's Dragon and Free Range Learning both came highly recommended so I look forward to sharing those when I can delve into them.

So happy it's Wednesday :). Looking forward to stopping by in your spaces...

much love
xx oo


  1. I love audiobooks when I run, it helps me A LOT! I may be too old for this marathon thing!

    Those dropped stitches are sneaking little things. Glad you have something else to move
    on to.

    Have a great day MJ and I am still praying for rain for both of us!

  2. We listen to a lot of audiobooks in the car a great deal -- it's so much more fun to run errands when you can listen to a chapter of a book as you go from place to place! We really enjoyed the My Father's Dragon Books.

    I hear you on the dropped stitches. I had gotten several rows into my Baby Surprise Jacket and had to unravel it all and start over. But now it's going along pretty comfortably. :-)

  3. Oh the amount of times I have frogged a knitting project. Those darn dropped stitches! I think I need to get into the whole audiobook scene. I love reading, but it doesn't always fit in with my day, but listening to books, now I could do that. Jacinta

  4. I love My Father's Dragon. I read it to my girls when they were young. Enjoy!

  5. We have loved listening to the Laura Ingalls Wilder series on CD! Although, I've had trouble getting in to other audiobooks...not sure why. But, believe me - if I could - I would! So many books. So little time. Multitasking is the way to go. Sorry about your hat...no fun at all! Have a lovely day!

  6. Dropped stitches are sneaky little pests. I noticed one near the cable pattern on my project two rows down. I did a little fancy needlework and I think it can't be seen. I just could not pull out two rows without losing my mind!

    Happy knitting!

  7. Audiobooks! I'd never thought of it, but now that you mention it, yes, it would be nice to be able to do things while I read. I just bought a used copy of Woman in White but haven't found the time to start it yet. Happy Wednesday!

  8. I love audiobook too! (and great for learning English too! - I listened to Little Princess years ago when I was starting with my English lessons and it helped a lot :)

    too bad for the hat - but you're right, there's no need to cry over such things :) just keep knitting :)

    good luck with your new project :)

  9. I think when you unravel, that's all you can do! Just keep the flow and don't dwell on it, or you won't want to pick up the project again! It's still a bit heartbreaking, though.

  10. I've tried audio books but the little voices of my babes always interrupted and I'd have to go back and playback what I missed so many times that I finally gave up. :)

    Your comment on my post today was bang on. For some reason my reply function on my comments isn't working today, but I wanted to tell you how much I agreed with you

    what is the full title of the Free Range Homeschooling book you have there???

  11. Oh the frogging. What can you do? I think you have a great approach to it-just go with the flow. We loved My Father's Dragon!

  12. I love the idea of audiobooks but unless I'm alone at the sewing machine my mind seems to drift off too easily and I am forever rewinding. I do have a couple waiting for me at the library for our long drive tomorrow, though. Hoping the kids will agree to listen...
    I am loving your picture - oh that chunky wool and those bamboo needles!

  13. How heartbreaking it is to almost finish a project only to have to unravel it :(
    I so feel for you, I've been there.
    But you are so right not to dwell and to move on with something exciting and new.
    Can't wait to see this new project develop :)

  14. Even though I don't knit, I know the frustration of realizing a bit too late that you've made a mistake on a project. I'm glad you got some new yarn! I have actually never listened to an audiobook, which seems a bit ridiculous now that you mention it. I am going to have to give that a shot!

  15. There is nothing wrong with audiobooks.

    I used to love listening to them when I would have to travel out-of-state for work. It made the car ride go a little faster.

  16. i know that feeling all too well. for me, knitting is more about the process than the product so ripping out and starting over is just a part of it sometimes. can't wait to see the gnome hat :)

  17. So much flow! Not just with your start-again hat, but with your words, the words you're reading, the words you're listening too, the things you're making, the ideas you're having…all coming out in a sweet silver river.

    And I get to be part of it, and inspired, and curious, and delighted, too. I think people call this a win-win! I just call it, Very Fine. Thank you, MJ. I love the mental image of you completely inside the joy of creating your own story (in yarn, today), while at the same time absorbing the stories of others. It's beautiful.

  18. oh no! Dropped stitches are the worst! It is a good thing you did find them, I hope when you knit it up a second time it goes twice as fast.

  19. I have the first Last Minute Knitted Gifts, always think about getting this one. My Father's Dragon has been a big hit around here. We read it to the kids when they were little and now they have both read the series a few times on their own.

  20. MJ- I love the color of that yarn! Sorry to hear you took a trip to the frog pond. I was there myself this week. :)

  21. My mom read My Father's Dragon to me when I was little--very, very good memories.


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