"We are all wanderers on this earth...our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams." ~ Gypsy proverb

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"You teach best what you most need to learn." ~ Richard Bach

It's here :). Today, I celebrate the end of a decade and the start of a new. Today, I want to reflect and remember some of the things I have learned. Everyday is a day to celebrate who we are and the things we love, but when we realize that we know ourselves better than we ever have, it is truly a beautiful and magnificent day.

No, not from Seattle, but from right here in our own little town.

"Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you." ~ Richard Bach

Everything that I've done up to this point in my life, has not been in vain. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, no such thing as wasted time or experience. Everything means something, and everything and everyone has changed me in some way. I must remember this, every day.

"Do the kind of things that come from the heart, When you do, you won't be dissatisfied, you won't be envious, you won't be longing for somebody else's things. On the contrary, you'll be overwhelmed with what comes back." ~ Morrie Schwartz

M.'s The Rainbow Dance
My relationship with myself is undeniably and irrevocably connected to my relationships with everyone else. I must treat myself with kindness if I want to treat everyone else with kindness. I must forgive myself for all my imperfections in order to forgive all others.  This is true authenticity.  This, is being real.

Everything is better with music, dance, and nature.  These things, as well as creating, are cosmically connected to my spirit.  They fill me with passion, bringing vibrancy and color to all that surrounds me.  None of these things will ever deny me the happiness that I seek. The only thing in my way is my willingness to go to them.  By weaving them into my life daily, joy will find me around the next corner.

My children are not my life. They have a life of their own, and we are travelers together, learning and becoming different things, growing together but separate.  By honoring and trusting the light in them, they will find their way, they will...

"Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them too-even when you are in the dark. Even when you're falling." ~ Morrie Schwartz

We are related you and I.  We are connected in ways beyond what we see.  Most of my young life I spent trying to separate myself from the rest. Chasing accomplishments, filling myself with possessions, and continually trying to prove my abilities.  I'm done.  What I want now, is to spend the rest of my life looking for ways that we are alike.  I want to celebrate all the things in you, that I see in me. And then I want to tell you how much I love those things in you, reflecting the love that I see in me.

Without dreams I have no direction. And the closer these dreams bring me to myself and who I know myself to be, the closer I am living the life that I have always wanted.  And these dreams don't need to be big.  They can be little dreams like dancing in the rain, or singing unabashedly in the car.  They can be painting something I have never painted or writing something I have never written. It doesn't matter. Live unapologetically. Love immensely. Be you, for you and for everyone else that has touched you in some way. Reflect, relearn, regain, and remember everyday, all the gifts that make up who you are.

much love, light, and joy
xx oo


  1. beautifully said. yes yes yes!

  2. Yes, sister! MJ, this was a beautiful manifesto for the next decade (or for the rest of life really).

    Happy Birthday! You are a special person and I'm so glad to "know" you.
    Cheers to 'living unapologetically. Love immensely'! That line, just about sums it up, thank you.

  3. Happy birthday! I'm so thankful to be "connected", even in a seemingly small way. Thank you for sharing all that you have learned and all that you have become with us here. I learn so much from you!

  4. Happy Birthday, MJ!! May you have many more decades of amazing experiences!!!

  5. happy birthday! what a great manifesto! these are words i live by myself. i love when i come across a blogger like you who can put it all so well into words. thank you for that. i love this post and i love you! : )

  6. Happiest of birthdays to you!! Thank you, as always, for these beautiful pieces. Lots of love.

  7. This post is beautiful. You are beautiful! Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you a lovely year filled with happiness, love, health and joy. Love to you my friend!

  8. beautiful! happiest of birthdays! always have loved the em forster quote: "only connect."

  9. A wonderful post, thank you! And happy birthday x

  10. Happy Birthday! Thank you for your beautiful and wise post. Hugs to you this day!

  11. Happy Birthday Beautiful! You enhance my life by being so honest. You're my cyberspace sister!

  12. Happy,happy birthday my dear friend! I hope you have had a lovely day. Although I don't really need to hope, I know you have. And I have too with this beautiful post. Sigh...thank you.

    And fireflies are due soon. I can stand in the dark and look into the woods across the road when it is dark and the show that they put on for as far as the eye can see is breathtaking, beautiful and pure bliss in a bug. I will send them to you full of magic and mystery and beauty.


  13. Another year around brother sun, offering warmth and nourishment to your soul. Much kudos for the celebration of who you are, and what continues to shape your journey. I completely resonate when you said 'My children are not my life' beautiful, and inspiring as always. Thank goodness that I know you. Happiest of birthdays angel face x

  14. "Ah. Of course."

    This being what I thought, when I saw you had the same birthday as my boy! You, who inspire me, sharing the same birth day as someone who rocks my world. And I thought,

    "How cool is that?!"

    And then you write these words. These words. Which are so utterly beautiful, MJ. I read them and felt my whole body FILL. On this very special day of yours, you gave US a gift, which fits exactly with the words you wrote, and the amazing who you are. For that I say, Thank you, dear friend.

    Now, what should I get YOU? :) All I have, for now, are all these birthday wishes, and smiles, and more smiles, and a happy birthday song floating over the water and the land, to where you are.

  15. Just lovely. I really enjoyed reading every word. Very inspirational and makes me want to do some soul searching as well. Happy Birthday MJ... sending you lots of happiness and joy on your amazing journey!

  16. Just wow. Thank you for this, I really needed it. I have been holding back a bit lately and need a little extra boost to have to courage to live unapologetically, to be strong in how I live and the choices I make. Love and birthday blessings across the ether dear cybersister XXX

  17. What wonderful and beautiful reflections for another decade gone by. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you've gained through your experience and your years. Hope you had a beautiful birthday with your family!

  18. Happy Birthday MJ! What a beautiful post, and a meaningful reflection on your life. I am so glad to have you as an example of turning 40 thoughtfully and in such a lovely way!

  19. Sending you birthday wishes across the (many) miles MJ . Lovely post. May the next decade bring you grand adventures and may many gorgeous people cross your path along the way. Jacinta

  20. So I missed this post yesterday - and apparently your birthday with it. Wishing you great joy and peace on this new leg of your journey, MJ!
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words!

  21. What a moving and honest post. I love your words. They resonate with me very much on many levels. You touch in your writing on all the aspects of life I feel deeply drawn to.
    I was reminded of Kahlil Gibran's poem: "On Children" when you spoke about your relationship with your children.
    Happy Birthday.
    Love from Eva

  22. I am so happy that I made my way over. This was such a beautiful post and I look forward to coming back for more.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~ George Bernard Shaw