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Monday, July 18, 2011

Because it's summer

Maybe it's because we don't get snow down here. Maybe it's because a slight decline in the landscape means rip-roaring hill. Whatever the reason, they wanted to see if they could run and slide down this itty bitty hill using their swim kick boards. Though they only traveled a few inches, they were laughing the whole way through. Mission accomplished :).

The rest of our weekend held no grand plans other than time well spent with each other. Reuniting with dear friends and loved ones we've missed. Walks on the trail with my best friend, talking about our plans and our dreams, how far we've come and how far we hope to go. The kids had an evening with their Nana eating homemade French crepes and watching a movie, while F. and I immersed ourselves in Harry Potter.

Grilled hot dogs and swimming on Sunday, and new attempts at bike riding from my youngest--the first in several months after a bad fall. One-on-one indoor soccer with my boy, inspired by the Women's World Cup.  Though disappointing for the U.S., my heart leapt for Japan--boy did they need that win  :).

Ready to start another week of summer and also ready for a little unplug time. I'm going to take a few days bloggy break and focus on seeking some spontaneous fun. I can't believe the stores are already filled with back to school supplies and parents are buzzing about the new school year. It makes me realize how quickly the summer is disappearing and how much more I still want to do. But I won't be gone from the blogosphere too long, you know I can't stay away.

much love to you and see you soon
xx oo

P.S. I'm guest posting on Claudine's lovely blog this Thursday. Please visit her this week as she is hosting a beautiful theme on "Becoming" :).

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  1. I agree with you about Japan Women's Soccer team. I was so disappointed for us, but at the same time so happy for Japan. I love the 'snow boarding' your kid's did and if my land wasn't flat I think I would try the same thing here. Have fun on your break. xx

  2. Oh I love those sparkly, pink shoes! Very cute. I definitely like the idea of trying out kick boards on the yard. :)

    Enjoy your break from the blogosphere!

  3. love that photo of the sky...so beautiful.
    I will also be away for a few days.
    See you on the flip side.

  4. love those sparkly pink mary janes!!! don't you love it when kids come up with a plan to do something that clearly won't work but still manage to have fun at their attempts? and yay for a date night!

  5. Your weekend sounds nice and fun and low key. Love the sparkly shoes!

  6. The shoes are wonderful! I love the sparkles!

  7. Pink glitter = all girl. Perfect. The cloud picture is totally amazing. Happy blog break and I await your tales of adventure.

  8. Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun:) We are waiting to see Harry when the kids go back to school and the cinema will be less packed!I cant believe you pay under $10 to see it when we pay $17 for an adult ticket!Huge difference LOL

  9. Yes, summer always does seem to fly by pretty quickly. I can't wait for Winter to hurry up and disappear from Sydney at the moment. Hope you had a blast at HP!
    Ronnie xo

  10. Enjoy your blog break MJ!

  11. So much fun to be had in summer. I can't believe how cheap it is to go to the movies over there. Movies are way over priced here. Another reason I could do with a terra firma change! Jacinta x

  12. The picture with the pink sparkly shoes is so so fun! What a great summer weekend!

    And thanks for your amazing post on my blog -- thank you dear friend!


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