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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Pocketful of Moments

Miss M.
Joy Pockets with Monica

quiet closeness with the children

lazy, rainy days

the gorgeous green that follows rain

Japanese cucumber plants in the garden

remembering the body in body, mind and soul

leaving behind comment moderation and word verification :)

whispering for horses

awaiting an anniversary dinner surprise

and This Moment with Amanda...

Marie Selby Gardens

Wishing you a wondrous weekend...
much love
xx oo

joy pockets


  1. Wishing you the same.

    I have a neighbor (Chinese) who supplies me at least once a week with one or two delicious Japanese cucumbers. I am turning into a cucumber! Good thing I love them!

    Send your rain here, please!

  2. LOOK at those lashes! Very clever shot! And I have never had a japanese cucumber...must try. One of our favorite cool summer foods is cold cucumber soup. The kids LOVE it and it's fun to make together. I hope your weekend is wonderful, MJ!

    our moment:


  3. MJ, I hope you have a lovely anniversary and a super weekend. Love the shot of your son's lashes. Boy's alway get the long lashes! xx
    PS- My picture was after a very long day of working outside!

  4. Happy Anniversary, and happy weekend :) VERY nice photos!

  5. Those lashes! Great shot!

    Love lazy, rainy days. Happy Anniversary!

    But, the horse whisperer ... my goodness! I have such admiration for them. To not only have the ability to connect with a horse, but to have the desire to see into a horses soul. Too many lack both and think they can physically break a horse to follow their commands, and don't care if they're breaking a horse's soul in the process. Horse whisperers are truly special people. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a beautiful weekend, MJ!

  6. Oh my, those lashes! Gorgeous. I have seen the trailer about Buck. I used to have lessons off an old Aussie guy who was so similar is his work with horses. I only wish I could find someone similar for my horse crazy girl, Scarlett. They are very few and far between. Happy anniversary! Have a beautiful weekend. Jacinta

  7. Oh, my, what wonderful moments you are sharing here! And I too, can't wait to see Buck...somehow, somewhere ;)

  8. What stunning photos - straight out of the ocean?? Your weather looks so divine (I miss summer...)
    have a wonderful weekend - and a very happy anniversary :-)

  9. Wow, them some serious lashes!

    Wonderful joy pockets! Happy anniversary and have a lovely weekened!

  10. gorgeous joy pockets...

    thank you extra much for the horse whispering link....;)

  11. Those lashes are STUNNING! Beautiful. I love the new blog look too... great choice!

  12. Are you secretly applying Latisse to your kids eyelids while they sleep??? Those are some gorgeous lashes!
    Also, Japanese cucumbers are the best. English ones are a very close second. :)

  13. Geez MJ, that first picture is worthy of awards!!! AMAZING!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    Here's mine

  14. Your sweet people and their amazing eyelashes!
    Enjoy your anniversary celebrations this weekend!!

  15. haven't been to selby gardens in several years - we are on the cape haze penninsula - just off of Boca Grande- are you close? we might could do a "field trip" adventurez day sometime! :)

  16. MJ both shots are fabulous! Love the kiddos playing together, so sweet. Happy weekend to you.

  17. MJ, your first photo (SO beautiful) took my breath away. Then the horse whisperer guy made me cry. And the final photo gave me a sense of deep, contented, peace.

    So your pockets took me everywhere. All terrains, all sorts of emotions. What a gift that is. Thank you so, so much, my friend.

    (And I love to read the other comments here, and smile for how clearly you are giving these gifts to us all). :)

  18. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your wonderful "pockets".

  19. Oh, MJ - that picture of your two in the gardens is just magical! I hope your anniversary surprise is equally so. Have a beautiful weekend!

  20. MJ - what a beautiful shot! Happy Anniversary - have a fantastic weekend!

  21. I see beauty, peace and joy here :)
    Happy Anniversary!
    Your new header is stunning.

  22. sweet. and can't wait to hear about the anniversary dinner surprise.

    LOVE that first photo!

  23. Salut MJ, those pictures are stunning and the words to go with them wonderful - "quiet closeness" - I really like that. I hope your anniversary was good and dinner fabulous ;-)

    Thanks so much for your very thoughtful and lengthy comment on my blog, I really appreciate the time you took and your input.

    Have a great week, Love from London

    PS: yep, I've given up the silly word verification too ;-)

  24. Looks and sounds simply wonderful!


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