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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend balance

We have a small collection of these blocks that Hubs used for some of his work. They are
 pure joy to play with. We use real ink and a brayer to roll the ink onto the
Is it Tuesday already? Wow, good morning then :)!!! And what a blur that was, the weekend I mean. It was one of those weekends that though it seemed nothing significant was accomplished, a great deal many things still happened. Busy and lazy, all at once. I think I'd call that balanced :).

• There was swim club for the kids
• anniversary dinner with hubs (joy!)
• morning walks on the trail
• black ant battle (ugh-still not over)
• baby snake capture (and let go :)
• art journaling
• finished Nurture Shock and started Pride and Prejudice (the annotated version this time)
• finished gnome hat, started new hat
gelly roll pens and wooden Indian print blocks
• index card art
• distracted with Etsy here and here
• Liberty Kids (thanks Mama Scout)
• Honey I Shrunk the Kids
• rain, the kind that pelts and makes music outside the window
• ripe baby tomatoes (yay!)
• more Etsy distractions here (M's fave) and here
• poor F's back out again with tennis :(
• hot and cold therapy and ibuprofen for F
• playing catch with E, playing animals with M
• more art journaling
• finished Harry Potter 6
• fireworks
• stumbled upon BBC's Jane Eyre on instant Netflix causing me to stay up waaay too late
•and the one industrious thing accomplished, laundry :).

My morning view on the trail. See that man on the left doing yoga? He is out here nearly
every morning doing yoga and running.  I want to be like him when I grow up :).

ICAD # 18, updated cards here

**Oh and P.S.!! For anyone interested, while wandering around Etsy, I found here the 1951 version of Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses illustrated by the Provensens (that I posted about last week)!!

I'm late but linking with Amanda's Weekending :)!! Looking forward to catching up with you!!



  1. Looks like a perfect weekend to me. I love that everyone is a bit too busy to blog as much as usual right now...a sure sign of summer!

  2. There are a group of women at the beach here every morning doing yoga...I still can't bring myself to join in. I like the privacy of my living room. Good for you for getting rain...I want some too! Have a wonderful Tuesday [I know...already]!

  3. Although I love having a long weekend...I do find when a holiday falls on Monday it really messes up the rhythm of my week! Oh well. It looks like your weekend was wonderful. I love your running path; it's simply gorgeous!

  4. That definitely does sound balanced! I love your morning view. I'd like to pay you a visit one time, if only to take a run there! ;) We, too, are having black ant issues. Let me know if you find any amazing, natural ways to deal with yours!

  5. love that print you made with the block from the top photo! i think your weekend sounds perfect - lots of living, lots of fun, balanced out by a wee side of laundry ;-)

  6. Wow...what a gorgeous ink block! And what an amazing weekend. We just stumbled on Liberty Kids yesterday - very timely, I must say. Haven't watched it yet, as DS wasn't in the mood. Looking forward to it, though. And, to exploring all your favorite etsy sites!

  7. I bought the RLS book- love it - had to have it- thanks for the link!

    Glad you had a nice weekend- unfortunately, we have all been sick- doing better now- we managed to get in a bit of fun- I'll post it all later.

  8. Awesome weekend-love the busyness and slowness of it all! The art is amazing too!

  9. I love that you did all the things you wanted to do this weekend... instead of all the things you had to do. We recently watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids again too! Great film!

  10. I am so smitten with your banner photo, it is a magical world for your kids- you are a wonderful mother. I am intrigued by the black ant racing? and I love your latest ICAD's so happy and colourful x

  11. Sounds like a great weekend!

    BTW, how did you like Nurtureshock? It's next on my reading list (right now I'm reading a couple of books on birth and labor).

    P.S. Love the banner photo! So magical!!!

  12. Love the art, the pelting rain, the view of those trees! Love the idea of yoga in dappled sunlight. Love that you get out and walk in that same light, and oh! Those trees!

    Sounds like a beautiful weekend, MJ. Sorry for the bother-y bits (backs out and black ants—ouch), but so happy for all that Good shining out!

  13. Your ICADs are beautiful! What a wonderful achievement to have that balance...sounds like a great weekend!

  14. lots and lots of small moments adds up to a full weekend.
    sorry about F's back out, ouch, and the ants... we have an ant issue back home too.

    and art journalling! i don't see enough of your stuff. ;)

  15. It all sounds amazingly perfect!

  16. I love that print block - it's stunning! Your weekend sounds perfect, apart from the ants and the bad back of course. Balanced is a really nice way to describe it. Here's to a balanced week too :-) Love from London xo

  17. What a full weekend! And what a trail. So beautiful. That view would inspire anyone to do a number of healthy things....

  18. The blocks are gorgeous!!! We have been so laid back this summer, relaxing, avoiding the 100 plus temps. Your index cards are so vivid and fun, the last being my favorite! Thank you for playing along with the ICAD challenge!

  19. I totally know what you mean about time flying by lately and not having a lot to show for it, but knowing that you have enjoyed it. Great pictures and I would enjoy seeing some of your art journaling at some point. I am just getting started with it!


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