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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lost and found

I have been too fortunate. Lately, I have been engulfed and hypnotized by brilliant stories, addictive stories, too unrelenting to put down.

Last night, I just finished the annotated version of Pride and Prejudice. It was wonderful to have learned more about the customs, manners, and expectations required of individuals and families during those times, not to mention reliving the beauty that is Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Soon, I'll be finished with the Book Thief. This book is haunting me--the characters are so pure, so rich, so spellbinding, I just want to hold them close... keep them safe. Written from Death's perspective and set in Nazi Germany, this story will be following me around day and night I believe, long after the last page is turned. Then, as if in an addicted daze and looking for my next fix, I walked into a bankrupted bookstore that is selling everything for 60% off or more. I don't need anymore books. I just found a stack of unread books last week, and I have more free ones coming from Paperback Swap. I was only suppose to...you know, just look around...

Well, you can see the result of me just "looking around". These will be joining the other found books in the "to read and re-read" pile. I admit, I am completely and hopelessly lost in my found books. Such a beautiful place to be...

And you?

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  1. I found the Book Thief to be one of the best Nazi WW II books I have read. I have it on the list for my son to read this year as I think he will gain something from reading it.
    Do please let me know how you like The Other Boleyn Girl; I have had it on my list for awhile now.
    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books...and movie! xx

  2. i really enjoyed the Book Thief, a wonderfully constructed story and i liked the characters. the writing got a bit much (tortured metaphors), but when i learnt it was YA fiction i forgave it. and the whole book thing and library thing, well, that didn't hurt.

    oh man, 60% off, i wouldn't have resisted either!

  3. How wonderful for you to be lost in such great stories! I haven't been able to read much the last several weeks, but did squeeze some quick, and much-needed light reading:

    The artist in the office : how to creatively survive and thrive seven days a week by Summer Pierre.

    Also, Familyhood by Paul Reiser. Laugh out loud funny, reminding me why he is such a great commentator on every day life.

  4. I heard that book theif was an awesome book. I just picked up a few David Sedaris books and thats what's next for me !

  5. When I read a good book I feel like the characters are part of my family - I laugh, I cry, I get knots in my stomach, totally getting lost in the story.

    60% off? How could you not treat yourself?!? You deserve it!

  6. You found some wonderful books for 60% off! How could you resist? I know I couldn't! Well done!

  7. LOVE love love Ahab's Wife. I've read it three times in the last 10 years. And Michael Ploans book is a goodie - if you're already food-orgin-savvy then you'll find it be chock-full of helpful reminders. I especially enjoyed his Omnivore's Dilemma. I'm re-reading old favorites from my shelf. Picked up Kingsolver's Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven this week and it's fun revisiting these characters.
    happy reading!

  8. At the very least, books look nice on shelves. I say get as many as possible. I badly want built in bookshelves.

  9. i loved pride and prejudice - my first austen read. perhaps it's time to revisit it as it was 17 years ago! i'm reading allende's latest and am really enjoying it. have you read her books?

  10. The Paperback Swap sounds interesting. Have you been doing it long? How do you like it?

  11. you know i have a friend that loved the book thief and i tried to read it and just.could.not. was disappointed since so many have loved it.

    i have read every book in your stack except the other boleyn girl - so i think you've landed some great reads. ahab's wife is one of my fave books ever. enjoy!

  12. How fabulous is Pride and Prejudice? Can re-read it many times over! I've heard of the Book Thief, but haven't got there yet...must put it on the "to read" pile! Love your pile BTW :-)

  13. Such lovely books, MJ! What a wonderful way to be spending your time. I can't think of anything better.

    I adored The Book Thief. Do you know, it has sat with me for almost 3 years now. I still think of it. How lovely the way you dive deeply into words. How you just sink inside the pages. You live and breathe them. Each book must know how much you love them. And when, if ever, you pass them on, someone will hold that energy in their hands.

    Thank you, MJ.

    (And thank you, for your recent posts. I am just emerging from a quiet space in my mind (or just taking a breath, looking around before going into water again?), and am catching up on commenting. There is so much beauty in your words and images, MJ. I am so grateful for them all).

  14. Wow, book theif does sound haunting! Yikes! And I know all about "looking around" -- especially in fabric stores. Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. i too have been making my way back to books, something about the summer perhaps?

    and how much do you love bookswap, though like you say they are just adding to the piles.

    i just re-read "chocolat" and finished the sequel, never having read it before.

    we'll see where i go next. i find i have to breath a day between. let the old book settle before starting a new one.

  16. wow, what a great deal! :)

    to kill a mockingbird~ that is a true classic that i love. i'm in the middle of a few books, but right now the one i'm enjoying most is 'the hobbit'. i'll definitely have to look into the 'book thief'!

  17. Oh no! A bankrupted bookstore...how terrible! But how wonderful for you! Wonderful finds! I must find an annotated version of P & P...yum!

  18. What book lover needs more books? Our shelves are usually bulging, but with 60+% off, who can resist?! Great finds too. I have a few of those on my own wish list so may have to stick around and see what you say about them.

  19. i am so behind the curve with ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’!

  20. there is some books on this pile i would love to read : )

  21. Must read The Book Thief one day on such wonderful recommendation. I love To Kill A Mockingbird. A sweet memory from my high school days. Such a powerful, moving book. I always feel poorer when I buy things and bring them home, but buying books somehow always leaves one feeling a bit richer.
    Ronnie xo
    (Have enjoyed catching up on your blog posts!)


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