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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Pocketful of Moments 8.26.11

Friday's Joy Pockets with Monica, truly my favorite day... As the week progresses, I write each pocket down on a small scrap of paper. Every day they sit on that paper by the computer screen, as if waiting for Friday to make one last appearance...

the haunting depth of feeling this music video stirs inside, not to mention it's gorgeous visual tribute to Iceland

a wonderful rendezvous with this beautiful lady and her darling family

the crisp refreshing taste of Japanese cucumbers, straight from the vine

No, not my cucumbers unfortunately, my green thumb mama's. Mine are not as ambitious, yet.

the priceless joy on their faces when fully clothed mama jumped in the pool

the ambling aroma of dinner as it simmers all day long

the simple comfort and delight of reorganizing bookshelves

then discovering forgotten books that still beg to be read (like finding lost treasure, yes?)

the sweet extension of kindness from blog friends who've been there

and this moment with Amanda

Staying up late with her books instead of sleeping, who am I to complain?

Have a wonder full weekend

much love
xx oo


  1. Such wonderful moments! Thank you for sharing.

  2. "Ambling aroma..." Beautiful! And I am now inspired to give some serious TLC to my bookshelves. Love your blog, have a great weekend...

  3. coooool video! never heard of bon iver. thanks for the introduction. and thank you for including me in your joy pockets. if only you lived here... we could have many more each week.

  4. Love your pocket moments. I'm going to keep track this week!

  5. Great idea to keep track of your happy times,
    I must try the same thing.

    I enjoyed reading all of yours.


  6. I love that you jumped in the pool with al your clothes on. Isn't it fun to startle our children in a good way)? I could spend all day with my books, reorganizing, looking, finding, it is like discovering treasures. Wonderful!! I love this photo of your daughter, no there will be no complaining of a girl staying up late reading in her bed. ;) Have an awesome weekend, MJ! xo

  7. What a terrific idea of writing down all your "moments" of the week into one post. They all are so wonderful! And find myself overwhelmed by them too!

  8. What a beautiful song & video...I want that cardigan, hobbit house and gorgeous scenery! I love the image of you jumping into the pool ;-) and all those books. Ours are stuffed 3 deep ... talk about finding treasure if/when we move or get more shelves! I think the day I catch my boy reading that way will go down as one of the happiest of my life :-)

  9. Great moments MJ. I have one who stays up late reading and it always make me smile. I hope your weekend is a safe one. We both are so blessed to get missed by Irene! I hope the rest of the east coast fairs well.xx

  10. "the priceless joy on their faces when fully clothed mama jumped in the pool"
    oh my god! that's excellent!

    makes me happy to hear that you and Anushka got to meet up.

    "the simple comfort and delight of reorganizing bookshelves"
    i'm such a dork, i enjoy this as well. i can't wait to get some bookcases.


    "then discovering forgotten books that still beg to be read (like finding lost treasure, yes?)"

  11. I love Bon Iver!

    One of the things I do enjoy about the colder months is all the soups that simmer on the stove and the aromas that fill the house.

    I don't think I would complain, either, if I were to find my kids staying up to read. That's fantastic! I can't wait until I get bookshelves. I'm always on the hunt when thrifting.

    Have a beautiful weekend, MJ!

  12. Great moments!
    I hope you have a great weekend :)

  13. really diggin your moments this week! oh YES - for the pool! (I can see me doing that just to see the looks on their faces) love it!

    planning on organizing my book shelves when I get done blogging! :)

    oh, and I love the thought of your list by the computer! sweet.

  14. These are wonderful, MJ!!

    Here's mine


    Happy Friday!!

  15. Delightful Joy Pockets ~Much joy to you ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  16. My favorite is: jumping fully dressed into a swimming pool! Yeah girl! It's fun to surprise your kids with your own wacky spontaneity.

  17. Do you make some yummy Asian salad with the cucumbers MJ? How lovely to find a secret reader after lights out, and jumping in the pool and seeing your children's faces - unbeatable. Isn't it the best when we surprise our children? Have a great weekend!

  18. Japanese cucumbers are the best! yummy. I hope my girls grow up staying up late to read books in bed too.

  19. I'm seeing some books on those shelves I'd like to revisit myself. Lovely joy pockets, MJ!

  20. MJ,

    Thanks for taking time to stop by for a visit (http://journeyaroundtheson.blogspot.com/). I'm so glad that you did and in the course of curiosity took a visit over here to wander wonder discover and found all the beauty you have here. Thank you for sharing Bon Iver - Holocene. It was my first time hearing this. Magical. Masterful. My heart broke open just a bit listening and watching the video. "and at once I knew I was not magnificent".
    visit again. hug

  21. Beautiful moments MJ. Gotta love a girl who stays up late to read. Happy weekend to you all. Jacinta x

  22. Love, love, love that you jumped into the pool fully clothed- so cool! And organising a bookshelf+ discovering unread books= bliss! Have a beautiful weekend.

  23. YOU are on my list of joy pockets!! :) I so appreciate the depth, sincerity, and joy of your sharing. It is reaching me during this time of my relative quietness.


  24. Beautiful words. Yes, I agree 100% on the book front. The photo of your child is just perfect. Katie x

  25. So much to smile about here, MJ! You jumping in the pool. Brilliant. My husband once did that in a public swimming pool—literally running up to us (having arrived straight from work), pausing only for a second to drop his keys, phone and flip-flops at the pool side, then leaping in. Awesome. How fantastic that you have the same Live Now! joy that my beautiful husband has. Another reason to love you, MJ.

    And that Bon Iver song. Wow. Wow. I am now on a Bon Iver immersion fest. Right this minute. Thank you, so much for your joy pockets—I agree with Stacey—you are on my list too :)


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