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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Details {5 senses tour}

When I fell in love with a creative, it is the first time I began to know someone who obsessed about the details--the colors on the walls, the position of the furniture, the art in the other room, the kind of books on the coffee table, someone who slowed down to just look at the floor or question how something was created. Honestly, my interest in details at that time was vague at best. I was more of a big picture, let's get it done kind of girl, so it was intriguing to see someone have so much passion for details. It's probably why I fell so hopelessly for him. He opened a door and helped me understand that a whole world existed there. The design, the lighting, the colors, the texture, the mediums, the way something moves, the way something is made, the time someone had spent, the passion that served as fuel. I think that's why I like Pinterest so much. It is in the details that we become collectors, but not just in the images, but in the emotions that every detail evokes. It is in the details that we find the secret to enjoying life fully and that we uncover the things we truly love the most.

So in the spirit of celebrating the details, I'm joining Mon today with 5 senses tour. It is a lifestyle and culture celebration of 5 things that we love or find beautiful (more info here). These are details in my home that probably say a little something about me ;).

Design: (jewelry)
As much as I love these fat and ambiguous clay birds, it is the ring that I cherish. It belonged to my mother before she gave it to me a few years ago. She bought it in Thailand in her 20's and I have yet to see it's twin. Adorned in sapphires and opals, she once told me once that an opal chooses it's owner, not the other way around, and I do think it's true.

Who doesn't love the design of an old, manual typewriter. I admit, I am addicted ;).


The first time I mentioned the work of Alice and Martin Provensen was in this post. I've been collecting their books and admiring their illustrations ever since.

(Art  & Illustration)

I am a seventies child and these little finds in the thrift stores do make me smile. One day I'll find a spot for these sweeties...


I loved this piece the moment I laid eyes on it. Large, heavy, and cumbersome, it is every bit a pain to transport as you can imagine. Made from reclaimed and refurbished wood pieces in Bali, there is no denying it's special quality. The furniture company had slashed it's price in half, as they claimed they couldn't find a buyer crazy enough to want to own such a thing. I said "I'm here".

Please stop by Mon's to see other tours!!

much love
xx oo

5 senses tour

P.S. This space will be quiet for a few days as we are traveling across country :)!! 
I will post postcards during the trip when I can...
Portland and Seattle, here we come!!


  1. oooh! have a great trip! wow - you're driving??? do post some postcards if you can, it'll be fun to see where you are. i hope you have a great trip and that the signs are easy to read. (you know the signs i mean, right?)

  2. Hey Anushka!
    Driving would have been an adventure, but we are flying :).

  3. Alice and Martin Provenson... I've not heard of them before but I think I'll love their work too. I'll have to read up on that post of yours :)
    Your bookcase is incredible. Maybe the most beautiful bookcase I've seen yet.
    ...And I'm a sucker for seventies thrift finds too :)

  4. That Balinese bookcase is gorgeous! When I went there, I fell in love with so many pieces that would have been perfect in my house...but they wouldn't fit in my suitcase! Darnit. It's amazing to see those carvers and what they can create with just their hands and a few simple tools!

  5. i love the bookcase! there is a furniture store here that specializes in that type of stuff and i just love spending time in there.

  6. Oh I love the tour! I think we have some of the same tastes. I always hesitate before buying something that strikes me. I should probably stop doing that! Have and awesome trip!

  7. i am going to come over and LIVE in that bookcase...although bookcase is not the proper word. i’ll bring MY collection of childrens books from the seventies and my old typewriter and we can read and write, well, till we need to travel somewhere exotic for some adventures!

    love your stuff! and the meaning behind it!

  8. Love this tour MJ - your mother`s ring is so special for so many reasons..and I love the manual typewriter and the Bali furniture. Oh heck, I love it all!

  9. What a fun post! Your Mother's ring is very special. When Mr. Dragon was alive, he wanted everything symmetrical .... drove me nuts ... wish he was still driving me nuts! Enjoy the trip ... Portland and Seattle ... two of my favorite places.

  10. how wonderful!
    Great to see a little bit of you in this way.
    Awesome typewriter pic!
    What a great bookshelf!


  11. Thanks for the tour! What a beautiful ring!! That bookshelf is amazing! I'm drooling over here. Safe travels, my friend! xo

  12. i like it when couples are a bit different. when we acctually learn eachother something new. something we may never had thought about if we hadn`t met... all the images are beautiful but the remington stole my heart : )

  13. Half-off because no one wanted it?!?! What is wrong with people? That is a gorgeous piece, but a sweet deal for you! I LOVE the ring!! And typewritter, too.

    Hope you have a fabulous trip!!!

  14. I adore this post, MJ. I know what you mean about falling in love with the details. And with the people who love the details too. And about being inspired and changed by those you love. Beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing these special things with us. I love how the sunlight is shining through your mother's ring in your photograph. It has its own energy, its own colours—like your mother's love and your connection to her is shining out from inside it.

    I love how each thing on this post tells us something about you. I love everything here too! That book case is extraordinary. Maybe when you move to Australia (because your future is open-ended, right? And you could end up anywhere, right? :) ) it won't be too hard to bring that beauty with you… :)

    Hope your trip is wonderful! You are going to two of my favourite cities. If you go to Powells in Portland, or Elliott Bay Books in Seattle, please breathe in that glorious book smell for me.

    Love and smiles to you, MJ! xo

  15. Beautiful! That cabinet-bookshelf is quite simply amazing! It looks worth every bit of the pain there is involved to move it around!

    Lovely images here - the typewriter is fab too...I'm looking out for one like that at the moment.

  16. this was such a great tour!

    i've never heard that about opals! it's my birthstone and it's the stone i have on my engagement ring.

    oh no, i'm completely envious over that typewriter! can i pin it?

    i have those books, since you mentioned them, on amazon wishlist.

    utterly gorgeous piece of furniture, exactly what me and the Mr would be crazy enough to own.

  17. Sure Mon! Please feel free to pin :)!!

  18. the bookshelf is amazing!

    have a great road trip! i will look for your postcards from the road :)

  19. That ring is so so gorgeous - and I love the sentimental value it holds for you!


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