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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Pocketful of Moments 9.16.11

After a rough start this week, I am happy to say things have settled and we were able to just "be" for a few days. A good mantra for always-- "remember joy"...

Welcoming Monica's Joy Pockets with a little extra vim and vigor, she will now be hosting these at her other blog Holistic Mama :).

Underwater disposable cameras and next day processing

M. eating, laughing, sparkling

getting random hugs from E.
and hearing "have I told you I love you today Mom?"

Sigur Ros, i can't get enough

a new meme to look forward to

girl's night tonight!!

and This Moment with Amanda

treating myself to a bag from Jeanne Oliver

Looking forward to your moments and joy pockets today...

much love and happiness to you!!
xx oo


  1. Glad things are getting back on track MJ. Just to "be" has been my weekending too and I hope to have more of it this weekend. Take care.xx

  2. as always, i love your friday post! i got your rat comment the other day and took the kids straight to the store to get rat #2 after school. they were thrilled! they wanted to know who said we should have two and i said that it was my friend MJ and they are ALL ABOUT YOU! now i’m praying that they’re both girls. do yours wrestle a lot?



    have a good one!

  3. So good to be able to salvage a week...sometimes the being is just what is needed! What a great underwater shot -- how fun!

    Happy Weekend to you MJ!

  4. I had a few rough days myself this week I think it was in the air. Looking forward to a better day and weekend even if it is cooling down :)
    Those underwater cameras are awesome! Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. fab! i have got to get these cameras for next Summer, they're so much fun it seems.

  6. So glad to hear that M is feeling back to her sparkly self again!

  7. as every friday i forgot about it! but i love reading yours. and i am having a giveaway! - that could make a future joy pocket ; )

  8. Yep all things are temporary. That is always something I struggle to remember in the grips of fear and worry. I am glad things have calmed down for you too. Thanks for the reminder to remember joy! Much love to you and your family!

  9. mmmm, Sigur Ros. Lovelovelove. So good! Glad to hear you got a bit of a break this week after a rough start.
    And I love the picture! I'm never smiling under water. I'm usually focused on not sneezing....long story : )

  10. Glad to hear your week has improved. Love the underwater photo. My your weekend be filled with fun. Jacinta x

  11. I have to get one of those cameras before my little one stops swimming classes this fall!
    thanks for the link! love that bag! Big hugsXO

  12. underwater cameras are awesome!!

    MJ ~ you won the giveaway over on my blog (for the polaroid)! Let me know your address and I'll send it off to you. :)

    always time for tea


  13. Ah, Sigur Ros. I love it! I'm glad to hear things have calmed down a bit for you and I trust M. is getting back to her old self. I hope girls night was refreshing, fun, and/or whatever you needed it to be. Wishing you a weekend full of many more random hugs! xx

  14. Woohoo! Have a wonderful girls night tonight. I know how rare and fabulous those evenings are.

  15. happy weekend and girls night!!!


  16. love it! - left you a long drawn out post from earlier in the week so I'll leave ya with that- hugs!

  17. Happy photo! I miss using underwater disposable cameras - fun! May your joys continue :)

  18. So glad you are all feeling better :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend MJ!

  19. So many times I thought I need to do a post like this...and then I forget :-) I love that underwater picture, unfortunately it seems too late in the year now... Glad your week worked out well in the end.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Emily's books are so great, so I'm happy to share them with many people. Hope your week is good, LOve from London xo


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